Twitter thread explaining why Apple’s self driving cars may not be as bad as people believed.


hanera, what do you say for this? copied from outside…


Selective timeframe :imp: SJ was back in 1997 i.e. 22 years ago. The author intentionally chose 30 years which include period where Apple would have been bankrupt had SJ didn’t return. SJ was forced out of Apple in 1985.


The moral of this is that buy and hold for a long time can work for a variety of companies. So it doesn’t matter much what you choose. You just have to do it.


Like Lehman? Or Enron?


Like Tesla.


Consequence of excessive leverage and fraud. Can hi-tech companies behave similarly?


I am writing my next software, stock trading - swing trading, rather than buy/hold. When I back tested TSLA, it shows logic returns are extraordinary. I am still improving accuracy so that I can depend on it.

This is for last 5 years with initial investment of $50000 for TSLA.
Regular Weekly investment returns =>$61,708.95 Growth=>23.42% - buy/hold
Logical investment returns =>$3,833,169.99 Growth=>7566.30% - swing trading
Logic Vs Weekly Difference =>6111.69%

This is for last 5 years with initial investment of $50000 for SPY.
Regular Weekly investment returns =>82551.60 Growth=>65.10%

For both the cases, tax impact is not accounted as this is still in development stage.

The key is to find the correct logic to find the peak and low prices at that time(not after the fact) or one day delay, which is hard.


Apple made a mistake by killing the iPhone SE

Since 2016, the iPhone SE remained in Apple’s lineup as not only the last “small” iPhone, but also its most affordable, at just $350.

Apple teams with nonprofit to help underrepresented groups enter tech industry

This is just the latest example of Apple promoting the importance of coding. Following the launch of Swift in 2014, Apple introduced its “Everyone Can Code” initiative. This provides a syllabus for people learning the coding language. Originally launched in the United States, Apple’s “Everyone Can Code” has since expanded overseas.

Under CEO Tim Cook, Apple has worked hard to promote racial and gender diversity in its workforce.

Apple’s 2019 iPhones: Ming-Chi Kuo has spoken

Apple’s Ecosystem Is Actually Your Body

iPhone will provide processing power and networking, Apple Watch is for biometrics and input, AirPods give us contextual 3D audio, and Apple Glasses are our screen.



Good summary of recent Apple moves. Given impending DST, services may not be as lucrative as it once thought to be. Moreover, Apple is moving at snail pace letting many other overtook their announced intention… I believe is Apple is unable to pay SWEs competitively enough as compared to FB, GOOG, and AMZN. Hopefully, the new SVP (Retail + People) has a good strategy for on-going brutal life-n-death talent war, she already scored a few successes. My wish is Apple is able to come out with a creative bundling of services + hardware, and rock-solid healthcare services (is ahead… move faster). I find industry is very shrewd, they let Apple tell them how it can be done better and then let everybody in to compete with Apple, thereby reducing Apple’s first mover advantage drastically.


Correction: This back-testing logic only benefits, buy/sell TSLA, but consistently fails for many other companies. :rofl:


Not surprised. All stocks have personalities, an aggregate behavior profile of investors and traders attract to that stock. You need to tune your algorithm to individual stock.


Apple’s Executive Shake-Up Readies Company for Life After iPhone

Apple spent $14.24 billion on research and development last year, a 23% increase from the year prior. Though it continues to work on projects in the augmented reality, autonomous vehicle and health sectors, it hasn’t yet released a major new product in those areas.


Mr. Cook, who prides himself on his long-term management focus, has been anticipating the maturation of the smartphone industry since as early as 2010 and planning for how to grow as phone sales slow, former employees say.

9 f… years and still get caught in China/ revised guidance? Change executives and move faster… ok, at least is happening now.

The services business also is key to preserving iPhone loyalty…Apple executives view its mobile payments, music service and coming video offering as ways to encourage current iPhone owners to buy future Apple handsets.

I know that. Make those services cheap (free would be good :slight_smile: ) for iPhone users and available for Android and other devices.


• HSBC says Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone sales issues in China are “likely to continue beyond the short term” as the company goes “beyond price points.”

• The firm cites an internal survey showing consumer preference shifting away from Apple and towards homegrown rivals like Huawei.

• HSBC thinks Apple’s market share in Europe could start slipping due to similar pricing concerns and rising competition.

• In terms of tailwinds, the firm is still positive on Apple’s strong cash flow potential and cash position.

• Rating maintained at Hold with a $160 target.


Meant to be bad news? AAPL up 1.13% :crazy_face:


AAPL lost its credibility by TC, no fan of Aapl any more even if WB holds it.

I would prefer Cloud for growth than AAPL.


One mistake on guidance, you lost faith? Very unforgiving! :face_with_monocle:
So far, his track record of selecting people for top management is not that good.