Apple is adding 1,200 employees in Qualcomm’s backyard as their legal dispute wages on

Apple has recently begun posting dozens of positions relating to designing cellular modems and integrated application processors, according to EE Times. Wednesday’s announcement shows it’s serious about building out a team in a city that is a popular chip hub.

Now we know why San Diego. Semi talents that can do telecom chips which are different from those in Austin that focus on cpu.

Today, India’s IT ministry signed off on plans for a new $1m Wistron factory in India. It is expected that the factory will produce iPhone 8 phones whilst an ongoing factory proposal from Foxconn will manufacture ‘Made in India’ iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models.


Apple Is Finally Taking a Bite at Augmented Reality, Says Well-Known Analyst

According to Kuo, the company’s first foray will be in the form of an AR glasses/headset product that will likely act as a wireless heads-up display that interacts with a user’s iPhone, similar to how the iPhone operates with the Apple Watch, 9to5Mac said.

Apple Stock Can’t Be Rekindled by Feel-Good Words Alone

While the Apple Watch is admittedly something new, it’s also admittedly a shrunken-down, somewhat limited iPhone worn on your wrist. Game-changing it’s not.

Creative twisting. A watch is a handset?

James Brumley is a former stock broker, registered investment adviser and Director of Research for an options-focused newsletter. He’s now primarily a freelance writer, tapping more than a decade’s worth of broad experience to help investors get more out of the market.

From stock broker to a freelance writer?


Sounds like a loser.


Elizabeth Warren wants to break up Apple, too.

Did she added below statement without deep thought?

“If you run a platform where others come to sell, then you don’t get to sell your own items on the platform because you have two comparative advantages,” she said.

If Apple can’t sell Apple apps (own items) on Apple App Store (platform), it would mean Apple can’t sell original programming on its iTunes. This would apply to NFLX, many video and game sites, and e-commerce sites since all these sites sell their own items. Does this rule apply to physical stores (platform?)?


I think that’s what it would mean. Target can’t sell their own branded or private label products any more. It’s an unfair advantage. You either have to be a retailer or a product/service company.

To single out internet companies when physical retailers have had their own branded products for decades is crazy.


In our opinion, weakness in hardware is not entirely structural. Our new PO of $210 is based on assumptions closer to scenario 2 (flat hardware, and somewhat slower than historical growth in Services)

Not structural! Everyone think it is though :shushing_face:


You are missing the key piece: market dominance.

There are only two stores you can sell your phone app: Apple and Google. Imagine a world where every physical store is either a Walmart or Target. Would you feel the same way?


That or they could not even allow third party apps, and you’d only be able to buy their apps. Allowing third party apps is a major win for consumers. The fact there’s some sort of gate to prevent viruses, malware, and other problems is a good thing.

How many app developers have become millionaires because third party apps are allowed? How many unicorns rely on being third party apps to have customers? To pretend this is some how bad for developers and companies who are getting rich off the platform is a joke.


I don’t think anyone has said allowing 3rd party apps is bad. However, market monopoly needs more regulatory oversight to make sure the monopoly power is not abused.

Apple and Google can take down any app for little to no reason, with very little transparency.



I like BABA better. Bought some.


Where were you when it was at $130? But better late than never… :slight_smile:

China Stocks

@hanera, do you have stock certificate like this? It can go premium…
Some one posted that they have it since 2003


I used to think keeping certificates is cool. Until I realized I should’ve turned them over to the brokerage firm and marginalize them for optimal utilization.


Return to school to learn TA. Guess you’re not day trading, otherwise you make much less with BABA.




• Spotify (NYSE:SPOT) files an EU antitrust complaint against Apple claiming the iPhone maker unfairly limits competitors to its Apple Music service.

• Spotify calls out Apple’s 30% App Store charge for content-based service providers to use its in-app purchase system.

• Spotify says it was pressured into using the purchase system in 2014 but had to raise the price of its premium service to account for the difference. The change made Spotify Premium more expensive than Apple Music.

• The rival then dropped out of the billing program, which forced iPhone users to signup through an alternative device. And App Store rules limit Spotify’s ability to advertise promotions.


Anticompetitive behavior from a market monopoly. Need to tell warren to hurry up breaking up the bad apple. :smiling_imp:


Spotify is a sore loser. In-app uses Apple Store resources. The App Store works like progressive income tax system, the few popular and profitable apps pay for the rest of the apps. Of course the popular and profitable apps won’t be happy.


3 days ago,


You always tell me don’t rub it in and don’t taunt people though.