Do what I tell you to do, not do what I do :slight_smile:


Double standard! :smile:


• Europe will take Spotify’s (SPOT -0.6%) antitrust complaint against Apple (AAPL +0.6%) seriously, EC competition honcho Margrethe Vestager says.

• “We take any complaint we get very serious, because it takes quite an effort for people to post a complaint,” she tells Bloomberg in an interview. “It takes much more data, much more investment, so obviously we take it seriously. And we will start looking. What we’ll make of it, that of course remains to be seen."

• She also points to the “dual market situation” created by the two companies’ direct competition in music streaming, and what Spotify calls an “untenable” situation with the App Store: "If you’re both the host and the competitor, well then how do you behave when you yourself has gained some status in the market?”

• Vestager has taken a number of hard lines against U.S. companies previously; in 2015, she ordered Apple to repay $15B in taxes to Ireland.


Need to fine the bad apple 100B. :smiling_imp:


Spotify on Apple’s Response to App Store Dispute: ‘Every Monopolist Will Suggest They Have Done Nothing Wrong’


@manch blindly side with David. SPOT is exploiting the legal system to increase their revenue and reduce expenses. First force bigger cut from artists and now want to pay less for hosting/distribution.


If apple didn’t change those ridiculous App Store commissions, regulators will change it for them. It’s clearly rent seeking that hurts smaller players like Spotify. That’s also why you can’t buy ebooks on kindle app.

Apple’s so-called service revenue is built on quicksand. :smiling_imp:


Is smaller than Apple but is not a small player. Market cap of Spotify is $26B! Apple system is good for small startups! which SPOT was once. SPOT 过河拆桥 despicable behavior.


Next week, please don’t fail me :tired_face:


It needs to shoot all the way to $300.


$186 is 881 Billion. If it needs to go $300, it becomes $1420 Billion.
Last qtr revenue 84B and next qtr is 53.5B, both need to go $134B and $85B.
If the stock goes up without revenue increase, it is bound to fall down.
If the stock needs to catch that much revenue, guess when this will happen.

AAPL is established company, unlike TSLA and revenue+Profit will drive the company stock to higher level.


Sure is an accurate statement? More accurate to say P/E expansion is not sustainable.
Earnings = Revenue - Expenses, can have earnings increased without revenue growing too much if can control costs, reduce expenses :slight_smile: even better.

Not always true. If pay too much for growth, share price would decline instead of increase if not up to expectation.

Forgotten about stock buyback?


AAPL is established company, unlike TSLA and revenue+Profit will drive the company stock to higher level.

TSLA is growing company, AAPL is established. In 20 years, growth of TSLA will be higher than AAPL (people may dispute, but we will know after 20 years).

stock buyback => Even if they buy 200B buyback, AAPL acceleration is slow unless they go for innovation. Now, AAPL becomes established company, revenue generation machine, but not innovative growth company.

This is good for people like you and WQJ to hold the AAPL, for ever lasting dividends, but not good to buy new apple shares at this stage (even for both of you).


You are assuming it is growing :slight_smile: It has not grown for 5 years! Any index fund trounced TSLA.
Trade TSLA not buy n hold.


Revenue increased almost 10x in 5 years but stock price barely moved == extremely bullish.


You only buy based on past five years price history? Tell me, what makes the stock price go up?


Trade not buy n hold TSLA.


In that case, your lot should be 50s or 100s, not on single digit.

Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching

AAPL rallied near the 200-day SMA and the upper channel, then Jim Cramer said this, Won’t Buy Apple Stock at Current Prices Unless the Company Does This So 2mrw decline or pierce above them?

@manch, @JIl Want to short AAPL here?
I put the odd that AAPL would continue to rally till Mar 25 higher than decline here.



Everybody has been buying the Apple streaming rumor. Watch out when people decide to sell the news.