I hope apple continues its project making real cars not just car software. This pivot to making software without hardware is very dangerous IMO. It goes against apple’s core advantage in its DNA. Without iPhone how many would prefer Apple Music over Spotify? Apple maps over google map? iCloud vs Dropbox?

Working at both hardware and software is apple’s biggest competitive advantage. For example it has the world’s best silicon team. Going purely software Apple has zero chance.


Yup. People wearing apple watches should not have any sex. :smile:


I’m surprised they’re jumping into this. It’s a bit late to come to the competition.


People having more than $25 million also should never have sex. Be careful what you wish for.


Trolling :smiling_imp: Since it doesn’t make sense to me, I will believe you only if that is what your Apple friends told you :roll_eyes: In that case, I need to revise my current belief/ logic :slight_smile:

What if it is a software division that spin out good ideas/ do R&D for Apple’s other software initiatives?

Could be late SJ brain child. Hence TC won’t give up till it is proven conclusively that it can’t be done/ not in Apple’s DNA to do it.


I am an individual contributor and not a manager.
I was a manager in previous company but didn’t enjoy manager related distraction(mostly office politics) at all.
Thus, when I join the current company, I made it clear that I was only interested in technical track.
Sorry that I can’t give you the answer for your question.


No concrete evidence or proof, but pure speculation that normally companies do. They shift one or two years to show strong cash on hands and expenses reduction. If it is not happening, I would be surprised :thinking:


Technical track is a slave obeying the orders of a master. Better be a manager and kick some peon’s butt.


Managers would be kicked by more senior managers :pleading_face: CEOs can kick all managers but ordinary investors can kick his butt. So best is to be investors :clap:


Word on the street (1st graders) is that Apple Watches are in. A pleading 6 year old asked for one. I showed them how much they cost and the other alternatives, but they insisted.


Investors don’t really kick any butt. Have you ever seen an investor bossing people around to do choirs? The most an investor would ever do is screaming at the computer when stocks nosedived, and you’d only be doing so if you were a neurotic kind of an investor… :smile:


Well, in my opinion, middle manager is the most challenging position. Anyway, i am happy with my current job. :slightly_smiling_face:



IC or VP+, any appointments in-between is no good. The dirty cleaning job is to con motivate ICs/ PMs/ JMs to move in the direction as dictated by VP+ on time on budget, fighting with fellow cleaners for $ and talents, make sure your PMs/JMs don’t give you surprises such as scope creeps and load issues at inopportune time, and balance the need to keep cost under control vs risk of losing ICs/ PMs/ JMs.


Not hard at all. When your manager kicks your butt, you just unleash that anger onto your subordinates and kick their butts harder… that’s why the technical contributor has it bad because there’s no one below for her to reciprocate the kicking… she can kick the computer instead… :rofl:


Really? :thinking:


No more over expensive iPhones news? :pig:
Ming-Chi news is supporting my i-ii-(1)-(2)-(3) rocketing bullish interpretation :pig_nose: rather than short-term bearish (1)-(2)-(3)-(4)-(5) which would mean a down swoop to $150 :pig2:
He is tempting me to BTO calls ($160) 2mrw.


AirPods 2

Magical but there is one major flaw. AppleTV can’t beam to multiple AirPods. Wait… the problem is with the AppleTV? So can’t use AirPods when more than 1 person is watching the TV.


You want the whole family watching TV silently?


It’s BS that air pods turn off your music if you go to take video with your phone. That’s super basic functionality that’s missing.


Why need to switch off the music?