Hillary doesn’t count. It is a double standard. Women are attracted to rich powerful men. It is the way of the world. Men are attracted to young attractive women. Bill liked Hillary for her drive and brains not her beauty they created a business partnership. Why do you think he kept cheating on her.


She had too much dignity for a facial?


He cheated because he could. His ego took over. Women threw themselves at him.


Ok fine. There’s always Obama… don’t think he has cheated yet at least not in the open… :slight_smile:


• Goldman analyst Rod Hall thinks Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) traffic acquisition costs or TAC will slow “materially” this year due to softening revenue from Google searches.

• Hall estimates the slowdown will lead to a 16% services revenue drop in 2019 compared to the 24% growth last year.

• The analyst says Apple needs to successfully debut an “Apple Prime” bundle with original video this spring or summer to beat the estimate.

• Excluding App Store, Apple Music, TAC, and one-time items, Hall thinks other services revenue growth will be 7% this year compared to 13% in 2018.

• Rating maintained at Neutral with a $140 target.


It’s not the first time. Look at Prince Charles and Camilla or Macron and his wife. Some people have peculiar tastes.


• Publishers are resisting Apple’s (AAPL +0.7%) subscription news service and the tech giant’s plan to keep about 50% of subscription revenue, according to WSJ sources.

• Apple also likely won’t share subscriber data with the publishers.

• The “Netflix for news” product is expected to launch later this year as a paid product within the Apple News app. Apple could charge around $10 per month for users to access unlimited content from participating publishers.

• The half of the subscription revenue Apple doesn’t take would go into a pool to be divided between publishers according to the amount of time users engage with their content.

• Talks are ongoing, but right now sources say The Washington Post and New York Times haven’t agreed to the terms. WSJ says it has concerns, but recently had productive talks with Apple.




“Google pays device makers like Apple traffic acquisition costs to be the default search engine,” Salinas reports. “Goldman Sachs estimates Google paid Apple nearly $9.5 billion in traffic acquisition costs (TAC) during calendar year 2018, representing a third of Apple’s profit in the segment.”

Is this true?

Apple says it spent $60 billion with 9,000 American component suppliers and companies in 2018, an increase of more than 10 percent from the year before. Apple says this spending supports more than 450,000 jobs in the United States.


Yes, this is true. Every year Google pays like this.


That’s why Tim Cook is a big hypocrite. Beats the privacy drum and yet sells iPhones users to google for 10s of billions of dollars.


So why are you still using Apple products?


I am not a hypocrite. I don’t make big drama out of privacy concerns. Google and Facebook can track me all they want.



What if you bought $100 msft instead? No need to get too excited now.


Why 2002? Hell froze over in Oct 16, 2003. Should buy AAPLs after this date or buy earlier if you have been following rumor sites. Gain is way higher, 199x


Which is your next AAPL, tell me ! I will close my eyes and follow you,buy buy buy…:joy:


Apple’s Autonomous Cars Need Much More Human Help Than Its Rivals



Must be bloomberg again. As expected design. Apple leadership loves to drive, Apple won’t release a self-driving car. IMHO, if Apple is ever to release a car, it would be heavily assisted rather than AV.


• Apple logged 79,745 miles of testing in California last year compared to its 838 miles in 2017. Waymo (GOOG +0.4%)(GOOGL +0.5%), by comparison, had 10M miles of road testing around the world in 2018 with 1.2M of those in California.

• Waymo’s disengagement rates dropped by half last year. Disengagement refers to when a human safety driver has to take over for the car due to an error or a dangerous driving situation. Waymo’s 2018 rate was 0.09 per 1,000 self-driven miles or 1 disengage per 11,017 miles self-driven.

• GM’s (GM) Cruise scored a disengage rate of 1 per 5,205 while Apple had 1 per 1.1 miles, though Apple disagrees with the DMV’s metric.