Ability to Ignore a User

Our site has the feature to “ignore” another user. Think of it as a “block” button but with a sunset. You can choose to not see another user’s posts for a maximum of 4 months at a time. After that you can choose to ignore them again or give them another chance.

I have actually not used the feature myself. So let me know how it goes.

You can ignore other users via two places:

From the User’s profile page:

From your own preference page:

When you ignore a User, then the following rules apply to a topic:

If the first post is by an ignored user, then it is hidden:

If there are replies by an ignored user, then it is hidden:

Quotes by an ignored user are also hidden:

If an ignored user is replying at real-time, we won’t show any visual feedback:


Thanks! Will definitely be using this :woman_facepalming:


Finally, now I can ignore you, @manch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thanks for continuing investing your time for us!


Unfortunately as the admin of this site you guys can’t ignore me. BWAHAHAHA



Uncle Manch is watching us :wink:

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On whom? :slight_smile:

The problem is that you still see that the user exists. What people really want is for their universe to be filled with the bright and cheery people they like to see, and for the others to magically disappear :slight_smile:

(Just kidding… this is fine. it’s better than FB where you can have the problem that someone on a public service page can be badmouthing people and said people can neither see nor post their side of things. We have someone on the RWC Say What? page who has blocked at least 10 people including one councilwoman and a bunch of people with kids in public school, and then goes on to badmouth them.)

lol not you…

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do not know how well this works in terms of what it is expected to achieve. Why would someone want to ignore someone in the first place? Two reasons I can think. The ignored person is hostile (an aggressor ) to the to someone ( a victim) . Or Possibly the ignored person has something to say that someone does not like to hear or cannot stand, or it shakes ones beliefs.

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