Adobe sets big San Jose expansion for 3,000 workers downtown


San Jose downtown just keeps on winning!

SAN JOSE — Adobe Systems, in a dramatic expansion of its headquarters complex in downtown San Jose, said Thursday it will buy a property near its main offices where it could employ 3,000 more workers.

“It’s an exciting time for Adobe and we continue to thrive and grow as a company,” Jonathan Francom, Adobe’s vice president of employee and workplace solutions, told this news organization in an interview Thursday. “The headquarters building we have in downtown San Jose continues to be a thriving part of our population. We are doubling down on San Jose with this.”

Adobe currently employs 2,500 workers in downtown San Jose who occupy three office towers. Adobe intends to buy parcels that would accommodate a fourth high rise where 3,000 would work, an expansion that would more than double the company’s present San Jose work force and bring the new total to 5,500.


You guys better hurry up buying properties down downtown!


The Adobe buildings look big to only have 2,500 employees there now. They have offices in Seattle too. They’ve managed the transition to cloud products pretty well.


Adobe together with Microsoft are poster children of subscription based software. Helps when you have monopolies. What’s the alternative to Photoshop?


Both led by Telugu Indians and went to same HS back in Hyderabad


Paint Shop Pro. Used it a lot when I was a teenager.


Ahhh…more future clients of mine. Cool!


It’s happening folks!