Many Ad-tech stocks crash, crash some more in sync with FB crash.

Do Ad-Tech has a future?

@erth Why do you choose APPS over TTD? Which one is more suitable for metaverse advertising?

APPS last qtr revenue growth was 330%, 310 M and TTD was 39%, 300M. I know that’s only one point of reference but in general analysts feel APPS is undervalued

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I am a bag holder with PINS. It seems like every time I think it will rise something goes wrong - like execs keep leaving or FB earnings pulls it down.

Ad spend is only so big. It’s actually a very small percent of GDP (~2%). Now it’s a game of stealing market share from each other. How many mega cap companies can there be for something that’s 2% of GDP?

I do have some but not a very good understanding of how the ads will work in Metaverse. It will be a good idea to understand what meta verse will be? I see metaverse as a 3d rendering on internet as compared to 2d (on a plane) in an online world. If Metaverse picks up, I can see why it can also suck a lot of AD dollars. Regardless of how successful the metaverse technology becomes, I do not think the space for 2d internet will shrink due to it.

Also, keep in mind that technology does not progress indefinitely. For examples in film world, 3-d films are barely a mainstream show and only limited to special showings. Will metaverse repeat success of simple browser based interface?

FB dropped 23% after closing. iOS changes made difficult for META to put and measure ads.

Ok FB has suffered setback from iOS changes that their ads aren’t good as before. But those ad dollars don’t just disappear, right? If FB is suffering a setback other ad companies should be similarly affected. Does this mean the ad market is shrinking because of the iOS privacy changes?

The ad providers need to come up with a better way to measure effectiveness of their ad spending. How would they do that if privacy settings make it difficult to measure effectiveness? One Usp of online advertising has been effective targeting which seems true no more.

That’s how bad the performance of Ad-Tech is.

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do people really care about twitter and Facebook who choose to pick quarrel with half of their customer base?

That’s the magic question. Are companies just spending less on ads or are they shifting the money to others types of ads. I’m sure some is also supply chain issues. Why advertise if you don’t have inventory?

Will the digital ad spending go by the way of do_not_call_list?

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50+% jump… is why no point trying to market time too precisely. Price of many stocks are low enough to scale in/add.

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It seems the Ad issue is specific to FB. All the other digital ad players crushed it.

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Still gotta wait for Twitter, The perennial shitshow.

I think it’s just a bunch of volatility. Just ignore the market this year, it will bounce around a lot. Buy and Hold some good index funds - SPY, QQQ - and come back in 2023/24 after all this rate raising by the Fed is done and inflation has come back down to around 2%.