Affordable furniture in southbay? - any reco?

Planning to replace furniture this season. Looking for good deals in south bay or online. Please give me any hacks/ recommendations/ deals/ sale. Anything to save some money. Not looking for any high end stuff, looking for of something that will last a few years such that I can replace again according to taste at that point in time. Dont want to be stuck with same furniture forever.
Looking for…
Bedroom set
Dining set
sofa + loveseat or sectional + accent chair
tv console
wall mirror
basic wall art


I’d watch for places going out of business. I swear there are some locations that are always a furniture store, and they fail every few years.

great idea. thanks

Don’t want craigslist stuff?

For furnished rental targeting young people and students, what kind of furniture is good? And where to buy? I think used furniture should be fine

No used craigslist stuff. Looking at new, for personal use.

I bought most of my furniture from Costco whenever they have it. It may be little expensive, but long standing for me. Wall arts, I use homegoods or kirklands ==> too good (gilroy)


thanks for the tip

There are several furniture stores on Monterey Hwy in San Jose. As other poster mentioned, they often have going out of business signs. However, I think that is just a marketing ploy. Still, I find those places have very good prices. You have to negotiate, like buying a used car.


I’ve found good stuff at charity shops (Goodwill, ST. Vincent DePauls). Mostly smaller pieces but often older, high quality stuff (solid wood) sold for the cost of press-board crap from Ikea.

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I haven’t been yet but friends have gone to the Living Spaces warehouse in Milpitas (visible from I-880 near the Dixon Landing Road exit).

i like the 0% financing option at LivingSpaces.
12 months for 1k
24 months for 2k
36 months for 3k