After 15 years as a landlord I'm selling my properties for 4 reasons

  • I’ve been a landlord for 15 years and my properties have earned me extra income, but I’m ready to sell.
  • It’s a good time for sellers, for one thing, and I’m tired of dealing with my rentals.
  • Real estate is not “passive,” and it’s getting harder and harder to find professional help.

Taxes tenants and toilets … not for everyone. That’s why there are a lot of rich plumbers out there. Buy self storage. Tenants have no rights. No plumbing issues and a very favorable depreciation schedule… low taxes

Plenty of self storage deals that are cheaper than BA sfhs.

For most people, S&P is way better than managing rentals (even through PM). S&P is truly passive.

At current high prices, low rent, high property tax, high inflation, prevalent rent control policies, etc make no sense to be in land lording business. Unless you like to put in sweat and tears as per what @REInv did… which make it a W2 job.

Once we unload these properties, our plan involves investing our profits into boring index funds and never looking back.

:+1: Agree :100:

The risk in index funds is with the issuer. What happen if they become insolvent?

Which index funds became insolvent past 200 years?

Issuer not index fund.