Aging population caused low inventory

Second, the Bay Area — and San Jose in particular — has an aging population. Most homeowners are between 40 and 60 years old, and that’s a time in life when they’re less likely to move. This demographic is less likely to move because they have children in the house, or they have no incentive to move because retirement is imminent. So you have a demographic roadblock to expanding inventory.

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Love the picture of the dogs. Like “Kids out of the house, now we have time for our dogs.”

He’s only 36, not likely “kids out of the house”

True, but the picture speaks like that… :slight_smile: Just like “this is the life.”

They’d only create inventory if they left the bay area. I’m sure some of them would move within the bay area if it wasn’t for kids in school. People moving within the bay area isn’t going to change to lack of supply, since the seller will also be a buyer.

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