AI Ranking

Number of paper submissions in ICML 2019. US still absolutely dominates. Google took 3 top-10 spots all by itself! Maybe I should buy some GOOG stocks… :thinking:

Georgia Tech also has a strong showing. Do the graduates stay in Atlanta? Or do they move to Bay Area and Seattle?

Top 10:

  1. Google
  2. MIT
  3. Berkeley
  4. Google Brain
  5. Stanford
  6. CMU
  7. Microsoft
  8. Google Deepmind
  9. Georgia Tech
  10. Facebook

Is it clear now how dominating Bay Area is?

IBM is near the top…

I’m guessing some companies don’t let people publish.

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Forget about investing in GOOG.
Buy these three.
AAPL - good guys
AMZN - cloudy
FB - shady

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Apple is way past its prime. Fading into the subset as we speak.

When GOOG IPO, its market cap is almost double that of AAPL. Since then, its market cap lags despite AAPL doing share buybacks and paying dividends which reduce market cap. Meanwhile, FB is closing in to GOOG. GOOG should be renamed as GONE. Parent GONER.

Microsucks? Sure you want to invest?

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I actually have some MSFT. :+1:

Guess is a different company. I am referring to the company run by…

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Ballmer’s case actually shows what only a founder can do: kick out a powerful CEO and change company direction on a dime. Ballmer is a big MSFT shareholder himself but Bill Gates is an even bigger shareholder. Gates is also the founder and universally admired inside the company.

If 5 years from now Apple is stuck like what happened to Microsoft in the 00s nobody has the credibility and moral authority to sack Tim Apple and change company direction.

Trade MSFT don’t buy their products.

Run is about over for MSFT. I realize I don’t use any products from MSFT and FB. Force to use GOOG search.

Are you sure? Watched any Pixar movies? It’s a customer of Azure.

Not recently.