AI will replace you programmers



From 500K LOC to 500. Remind me why we need you, Mr and Ms 200K Programmer?


Reason No.2 to get passive income, via rental properties or stocks or whatever. Something!


If no one earns who will pay the rent??


I can speak truth to this argument, given the field I’m in(search, content recommendation). Within 5 years, all the swe work will be reduced down to what can be done in cheaper outsourced projects. If you’re not working on cutting edge ML, or brand new technology (ar, vr, etc), you should worry.


There is always something else, but that something may not be programming anymore. That 500 lines of machine translation code is most likely some glue code messaging input and output. The real complexity is in the ML model. You’ll need data scientist type instead of programmers to debug.

I don’t know about you guys. But back in the days most of the programming I did was mind numbing boring and tedious. You know what would be great at doing these tasks? Machines of course!


Government via Section 8.


I already realized this inevitability 3 years ago when I quit my programmer day job… :rofl:


No need for software engineers mean you should sell your East Bay rentals before that become obvious. Sell when you can, not when you have to.


But shouldn’t you be selling those Cupertino houses first? I think they will be more affected by this than anything in Concord.


First they came for the agricultural workers, I didn’t speak against them because it wasn’t about me.

Then they came for the factory workers, again, it wasn’t about me.

Then they came for the realtors, not me.

Then, for the blue collar jobs, it wasn’t about me.

Finally, they came for the renters, then I spoke because it was about me. :smiley:


Was thinking the same thing. No SWEs, no rent. They’re not going to stick around here on section 8, they’ll move into their parents basement.


If this is satirical or joke, ignore this. Seriously, I see CU homes are appreciating at 7% YOY (20 years back work), too good to hold.


Still a huge demand for blue collar workers. Construction teachers, hospitals, hotels, restaurants… No demand for over education with no skills like in the humanities … Definitely a need for skilled trades people mechanics electrical plumbing technicians. Robot repair


I do not know how many of here from programming background and how many has seen/heard punch cards

I started my career at that time, shreded so many punch cards at work, later 8086 microprocessor Assembly programming, C language, JCLs (job control language), then Cobol, Database, C++, now python, big data, mobile apps…etc

Technology changed, transformed jobs, still IT job remains after 35 years. In fact, I see more IT jobs now (IT need not be programming alone) and everything is changed to software engineering.

AI, VR are another building block that transforms society.

This is exactly like driving Carriages to cars then to plane…etc. The carriage driver job may go off, car driver job may go off, Pilot job can go obsolete, but associated new jobs will be there.


Not satirical at all. Where is the place with the most software engineers? Silicon Valley! So if there will be no more software engineers, Cupertino, which is in the heart of Silicon Valley, will be affected much more than Concord in the east bay, which has barely any software engineers.

One should always think logically rather than emotionally.


You have seen my previous post, right from punch card time, I have been working in IT field almost 35 years. Still I see strong IT growth many/multi decades until Silicon Valley reach like Hong Kong skyscrapers.

Remember: Even after having Drones, Railroads are in practice after 300 years ! IT is in early stage of development, just 40-50 years from transistor innovation.

This is the reason, I strictly stick to SFH (Land) homes and large land SFHs.


My dad still has boxes of these with his programs on them in his closet :slight_smile:


I think you are just upset that someone would dare to question your prized neighborhood. :rofl: I wasn’t actually questioning the appreciation aspect of Cupertino, only making a case of what would more likely to happen in the hypothetical event where there are no more software engineers.


Honestly, SWEs, if replaced, will be replaced by Bio/medical focussed out of Stanford. I think the peninsula will still go strong.


Productivity improvement will make IT even more powerful. More wealth will be generated and the companies can continue its effort to take over all other industries with software engineers and computers.

As long as these new tchniques are invented in Silicon Valley or SF, you can rest assured of continued appreciation in BA real estate