AI will replace you programmers



Embodied is targeting repetitive manipulation tasks where the current state-of-the-art in automation is simply not capable enough, as well as tasks that would require robots to be reprogrammed very frequently. “On a practical level,” Abbeel says, “we’re building a software system that can learn new skills very, very quickly, which makes it very different from traditional automation.”

The idea is that with a flexible enough learning framework, programming becomes trivial, because the robot can rapidly teach itself new skills with just a little bit of human demonstration at the beginning. As Abbeel explains, “The big difference is that we bring software that we only have to write once, ahead of time, for all applications. And then to make the robot capable for a specific application, all we need to do is collect new data for that application. That’s a paradigm shift from needing to program for every specific task you care about to programming once and then just doing data collection, either through demonstrations or reinforcement learning.”


Need to increase my stake in SYNA.


I would go slow to invest my money on an area where jobs are the cause of anything. Our loved SV is the classic elevator situation, it goes up and down. All it matters, if there’s a rebound, if you are on the up or on the down.

Even in the construction industry, there are some robots that can lay bricks as any mason guy, I doubt they will take over construction but you kind of see where any trade is going, “replacing humans with robots”. And high tech is not strange to that idea.



Robots <> AI
Some robots don’t use AI.
Many AI programs don’t run on robots.