Air conditioning repair

My air conditioning just broke down and I was going to call a repairman to fix it but I thought I would check out youtube first. The compressor was not working. It turns out most of the time this is a quick and easy repair of getting a new capacitor. The best way to do it is to take a picture of it and order it on Amazon. You must be careful to get the right one because there are many different kinds. The drawback of installing it yourself is a lot of electricity runs through it and you don’t want to do it if your uncomfortable with electrical procedures. If you call a repairman and give him the capacitor it will be a quick repair.


So did you make the repair yourself?

Yes I did, but I would not recommend it for an inexperienced person. It cost me $15. I just noticed I spelled air conditioning wrong in the title.

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I think the worst ripoff are those thermostat repairs. Cost a hundred or two and took less than 10 minutes for the guy to do it.

If you live in Bay Area, just in time for hot weekend. Expected to be 90-100’s.


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nooooooooo. :frowning:

I think you may need to pay $800 if you call an AC guy

I just noticed I did not tell you how to check to see if its a capacitor. The capacitor jump starts the fan motor. If you take a screwdriver and spin the fan blade, if the blade continues spinning on its own for that cycle it a capacitor repair.

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