Airbnb Host Fined $5K For Canceling Reservation To Asian

Of course, her excuse is Trump…

Under an agreement reached after an investigation by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, Barker agreed to pay Suh $5,000 in damages, issue her an apology and attend a college-level course on Asian American studies, among other penalties.

That’s the toughest penalty of all.

Really??? I tried long and hard to get into that Asian American studies course when I was attending UCB. I had to wait 3 semesters because it was always jammed packed!!! I had to enroll in that to avoid the dreaded English 1A!!! It was the big difference between having to write an essay about the Joy Luck Club vs. the Iliad!!!

not too surprised…I have only been here a couple of months but I have already seen the…how should I put it… “love/hate relationship” of some “locals” (earlier immigrants :grinning:) with Asians buying houses for cash… it’s kind of under the surface, but it’s there…

Couldn’t the host tell she’s Asian by her last name? Sounds like something the fake news media would do to bring someone down.

The hate against Asian house buyers might also be subject to fair housing penalties.

Does fair housing regulation cover investment property buyer? Some new home communities refuse to sell to investors, maybe it’s ok to discriminate against investment property buyers

Well, I made a very bad experience with an AirBnb guest of Asian heritage. I knew they were from this specific country based on the photo and last name, I had no problem with that.

The house was brand new construction and to be sold in spring, I offered it for November-December for rent.

They rented it for New Years (2 nights).

They said they were going to be 10 people (4 BR house). In the last minute they kept asking for double comforters for each bed, and double blankets… I had to provide 10 comforters and 10 blankets. The house being new construction had central heating but they wanted all those blankets.

So, I go by there January 2nd, and there are about 15 contractor bags full of garbage in the driveway. More in the garage. It was raining. The trash doesn’t get picked up from the driveway, but about 400 ft away. Inside looked like a war zone. No damage (holes in walls), but really messy. Imagine a soiled diaper in the laundry soap container.

The worst was the smell from their cooking.

I had to put in 5 large contractor’s fans in the open windows and keep windows and (exterior!) doors open for 3-4 weeks until the smell was mostly gone.

They admitted that they had over 20 people in our house. They even gave me good feedback on AirBnb! That account never booked anything again; they just let one of the other 19 ppl create an account for the next party.

Edit: Obviously, I was done with AirBnb on that day.

Did you check what kind of garbage they produced? Did they have a wild new year’s party, or did some commercial activity?

My take on your unfortunate experience is that, well, that kind of bad behavior could have happened with any ethnic group. With that said though, I suspect your guests were probably Asians who came over as opposed to ones born here or who came over at an early age. It is not an excuse but the ones that come over esp from mainland China oftentimes have bad manners, are pushy and selfish. My wife totally hates it when she sees Chinese people behaving badly. I like to think that with every new generation here, Asian Americans blend in and behave appropriately or know better.

To be honest, all landlords kind of have certain hidden racial preferences when it comes to tenants.

Even though I have had tenants belonging to all races (whites, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians), I admit I do have certain hidden racial preferences. However, most importantly is the candidate in question. If the candidate matches all my criteria then I have no problem renting it out to him regardless of his race.

It was just a wild party, with 4 to 5 full families instead of the announced 5 couples. “Children don’t count, right?”

The garbage was not a real problem.

The curry smell was. Cannot sell the house with that smell (in Santa Cruz, where the typical buyer does not cook with curry).

Back to the OP. $5000 is a very small fine. Fair housing issues are typically much more painful.
I didn’t read the link. If a host rents out part of their own residence, fair housing law does not apply in full. E.g. if I look for a roommate, I very well can say “male only” , “age 30 to 50” etc.

I’d thought about renting on airbnb once but it seems risky with an old house, not to mention new construction!

In this news there was a big gap between the booking and the host’s text, “I wouldn’t rent to u if you were the last person on earth,” bringing in race and Trump when the guests were 3 mins away (?) It goes to show it doesn’t pay to be anti-PC online. There is an alternate scenario with angry guests confronting the hosts in an ugly ending. I see Airbnb now has an arbitration clause where disputes are settled in-house.

Not exactly related, but I had an airbnb booking cancelled once but the host made it up with a free ride from the airport. Apparently, a neighbor (cop) subpoenaed him for short-term rentals which I guess where restricted in his SFH neighborhood when he started renting out a tent in his backyard. Guess where he got that brilliant idea?? If it worked out he would have been my first asian host. He had relocated from North Carolina and was selling fresh home-cooked meals locally to Whole Foods and other places.

We all are a kind of a racist here some way or the other. Period!

The degree you use to discriminate is the core of the problem. Some realtors, I’ve heard, are used to the “red envelope” common in hmmm…Asian communities, others despise such bribery, and I can mention other activities but I don’t want to get tangled in generalizations.

As I have advocated here, you need to speak up for all sorts of discriminations. I have had a kind of confrontation with one of you posters when s/he kept mentioning “Latinos” on all her postings when it came to bad things.

We are kind of immune to see discrimination in a lower level, of course, until an incident touches us, or one of our relatives, then we become cry babies.

Next case please!

Another AirBnB incident that made international news. There is also a racial angle there…