Airbnb in Vallejo

129 reviews. Well rated.

Who’d have thunk it? :blush:

It is the Napa effect…nothing affordable in Napa, omly 15 min away…

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You’re probably more right than you realize. The hospitality industry in Napa county is elitist and expensive.

In reading those reviews for this particular rental, I realized that it made sense for many. They came to the Bay Area and wanted to go to San Francisco AND to the Napa wine country. This location is perfect. Winery tours with only a half hour travel time. The ferry to SF. (or express bus and BART if they were savvy travelers), Even Six Flags for the kids.

And, there is also a lot of history, brew pubs, wine lofts, etc, here in Vallejo and within short distances from here.

Downtown Benicia or Sonoma are pleasant places to visit where western history is alive and combined with boutiques and eateries. Like Old Sac. Vallejo has this too but more potential than actuality right now.

Staying in Napa would provide more limited accessibility to the BA at much greater overall cost than staying in Vallejo.

But, if I weren’t living here now, I wouldn’t have realized that. My view of Vallejo was colored by the media and its reputation long ago. I made it a point to skirt it whenever possible and never stopped in town.

My sailing buddy grew up in Napa…His father was a Navy sailor…My friend loves to tell stories of his youth when he and his friends could intimidate people just by telling them he was from Vallejo…Go on Airbnb and look for anything affordable near Napa…it will be in Vallejo…even Sonoma has nothing much under $150/n.

Even Napa in the good old days was highly undesirable. We are involved in its gentrification. .One of my wife’s agents is flipping houses there… $799k for 1000sf 3/1…Mediaguru is enjoying his ill gotten gains…his place is probably worth 3 times what he paid for it

Maybe that’s why we don’t hear from him. He’s embarrassed by his riches? After all, it’s de rigor to say that one is not rich; that one is middle class. If you own a $1M home in Napa, you can’t quite claim to be “not rich”.

He is a millionare on paper…Crying poor as a mere teacher isnt working for him…Maybe he moved to Vegas with his buddy…Onetreehill