Airbnb pulls plug on multi-listing hosts

Starting November 1, Airbnb hosts in the city will only be able to let out one home at a time (according to the San Francisco Chronicle). Presumably, the company hopes this will cut back on demand for things like the 60-day cap introduced by Board of Supervisors president London Breed on Tuesday.

They’re introducing a one-host, one-home limit in New York too, which probably not coincidentally is another place where short term rentals are staring down the barrel of more regulation (at a state level, in that instance).

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It seems it’s pretty easy to bypass? Setting up different accounts, or even transfer titles to LLC’s etc. But this is indicative of the challenges facing AirBnB. It’s operating in a far more hostile regulatory env than Uber.


The government will end up killing them both while telling us how much they helped us. These are much better solutions to job growth than debt for infrastructure. Their business model didn’t realize how greedy governments are to keep their taxi and hotel fees/taxes.

Uh oh, parties up Airbnb hosts…

(you may need to google story to go around firewall)

Maybe Ed’s been hearing the negativity…

AirBnb should set up a meeting with Ben Carson and Ivanka Trump.

Uber should set up a meeting with Elaine Chao and Ivanka Trump.

However, SF is blue. They should ask Peter Thiel to run for SF mayor, if Trump does not appoint Thiel to any position.


Ok, game over for some Airbnbers… or is it???

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