Airbnb worthwhile?


Is anyone doing Airbnb? Assuming some cities have no regulation to forbid Airbnb a unit without owner occupancy, is it worthwhile to convert a unit into Airbnb for each bedroom?

Alternatively, you can also lease a furnished unit to corporate relocations or other short term clients.

Apparently this should produce a much higher income than regular rental.

Airbnb could double or triple the rental income. Furnished unit can increase income by 50% to a double I guess.


Since I wanted to be as passive as possible in my rentals, I decided not to pursue it. It seems like a good options if you can be involved. I think there are some companies you can hire to do it for you too, but never tried it.


I’ll definitely have someone else to do most of the offline work, but I think you need to at least take control the Airbnb online account, or at least be able to track.

Only question is whether the actual income from Airbnb or furnished rental would be worth all the troubles


Airbnb rentals rarely have more than 50% occupancy. We own one in Nevada…Probably make 20% more than a long term rental…But it is a lot more work and a lot more wear and tear…We use airbnb and Vrbo…they are both greedy Bastards, plus we pay huge TOT taxes at 14% to Douglas county…


I think flipping houses are less labor intensive than airBnb… and more fun! :wink:


I’m now warming up to flipping, but have 2 difficulty to overcome.

  1. Purchase a flippable house from time to time to make flipping a consistent stream. This is the most difficult part.
  2. Find a contractor or a few reliable workers to take care of renovation so that I don’t have to get involved in the gritty details.

Open house traffic


Airbnb May Be Its Own Worst Enemy

The company is picking the kinds of fights with cities that it used to avoid.


Uh, no (in the Fab 7x7)…