AI's Investment Implications


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Semi stocks were hit very hard last week, buy?

MU -12.61%
Lam Research -10.96%
AMAT -8.83%
WDC -8.31%


I already have lots of MU. Thinking about opening a position in Lam. Lam is mostly another play for global memory market.

David Lam, founder of Lam Research, has quite an interesting background. He’s still around, living in Saratoga according to Wikipedia.


anybody buying any harddrive companies?



Sell on the news! Tax bill is passing, what’s the next catalyst? Time to sell stocks, it has been going since T elected and tax is the main reason




Being too careful. Only bought 100 shares. Today shot up by over 3+%, nearly 4%


Good article on some pretty reasonable 2018 predictions.

Nvidia will still lead the pack.


Xilinx finally had some fun. Shot up 5% today.


NVDA 0.36% Near ATH of $225, still the king of AI chip industry
INTC -2.50%
MU -4.57%


NVDA had a lot of self-driving car news at CES. They are clearly ahead of everyone.


Amazon, with AWS and Alexa/Echo, also has a lot of exposure to AI.


Micron Stock Looks Ready to Blast Off: Chart

Ascending triangle is a continuation pattern. Which is the entry point? One is bullish, the other is bearish.
Holding 1x call $45 and 1x call $50 expiring Jul.


On that, I’d usually wait for a break of prior high to enter. You might miss a little bit of gains, but your odds are higher. If pattern is right, there will still be plenty of gains left.


Prior high is $50 or $47?
Had erred on the safe side, took profit on shares and 10 shorter term calls.
If it breaks out, guess I can long 10 weekly calls to ride it.


$50. I’ll gladly give up that first $3 to minimize risk due to a rejection at $50. Once it breaks $50, there’ll be plenty of open road ahead.



LRCX has already broken out. Another semi stock ASML, though less related to AI, is exploding higher this week. It’s the only EUV equipment provider in the world.