AI's Investment Implications


No, they sell chips to the dirty miners.


“We may not even need 10 years to achieve completely unmanned warehouses and unmanned distribution,” said BEST’s Chou. “Developments are happening just too quickly.”


Very good article about AI startups and AI investment in general. But in Chinese only.


海康威视 Hikvision is in my AI portfolio. It’s the largest supplier of security camera in china. Recently it leverages its large amount of data into facial recognition technology.

I am reading more original Chinese material nowadays. Just pay for a full year subscription for Caijing. Gelonghui also has lots of good articles. I have been reading it for 4 hours straight tonight. Chinese authors often have different perspectives from western ones. For Chinese companies I tend to trust Chinese commentators more.


Still reading, so far, I think VEEV would be big. Would buy more on Monday.


Well, author doesn’t like chip makers :grin: and prefers verticals :laughing:
Definitely VEEV.


Only two safe chip plays for AI: NVDA and INTC.


If you’re playing it for long-term, it doesn’t matter. Just buy some and keep adding to it.


A Chinese article about how Alibaba is trying to have a hand in all AI unicorns in China.


Here are JPMorgan’s favorite stock picks to ride the A.I. revolution

Here are five overweight-rated companies JPMorgan recommends that will benefit from AI adoption.
FB :thinking:
ORCL :roll_eyes:
PANW Of course :laughing:
WDAY :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
TWLO Has marcus dropped the ball? :hushed:
The firm’s $40 price target on Twilio shares is 55 percent above Monday’s close.

"Twilio announced the GA (general availability) of its Speech Recognition capabilities in Oct 2017, which enables users to convert speech to text and analyze intent during any voice call. Twilio’s Automated Speech Recognition uses Google’s Cloud Speech API, which supports various languages.”

Which stock(s) is JPMorgan helping clients to unload?


calling twlo an AI company is a bit overreaching, same goes for WDAY, probably.


JPMorgan says benefit from AI adoption, didn’t say they are AI companies.


TWLO can’t shake losing Uber as a customer.


I guess that is my point somewhat. I am not sure if they would benefit from ai developments as much.


Amazon is shipping an AI-enabled camera that hooks up to AWS! That’s pretty intense. Among the FAAMG companies Amazon and Google are battling for AI domination. All the rest are second tier.

Amazon is playing at a different level. I can sort of map out what the other FAAMG do. They have their own set trajectories. Amazon seems to be playing at an extra dimension. I am constantly amazed by its ingenuity. I am going to make Amazon my biggest holding. Right now it’s second to Facebook.


Amazon & Google will indeed lead the AI market. FB is a follower, a close one.

Also, i can foresee an IRBT acqusition by AMZN. They just fit so well.


Can’t see that extra dimension. Seem to be one step behind Google.
That camera sounds like a quick & dirty way to learn ML or learn about their ML services. Without seeing the actual product, not sure what it does exactly.


I can take training for machine learning. I think the program is just over a year. I was debating it. There’s a team that works at the intersection of economics and machine learning. That’d be super interesting stuff.




Another Amazonian?


Nopes. I assumed he’s referring to a public resource