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Info for a dim sum lunch?

BTO 10 Jul call ($42)
BTO 10 Jul call ($55)


Added 2 MU LEAPS calls $35… follow manch’s approach of piling to winners… not fully invested yet.


FOMO is the way to go! :smile:


MU calls are very expensive. I will stick to buying the underlying.


You’re right. Actually they are calendars and diagonals :slight_smile: to compensate for the high IV

BTO 10 calendar (Jul/Apr $55)
BTO 10 diagonal (Jul/Apr $42/$55)
BTO 2 diagonal (Leaps 19/ Mar 9 $35/$51)


Didn’t you tell me you only do simple strategies? You are getting all fancy now!


I do that only near earning :slight_smile:
Sell high IV, buy low IV :slight_smile:

For example, yesterday, BTO SPLK diagonal (May 18/ Mar 2 $92.50/ $100)… sold for a double because IV of Mar 2 tumbles from over 110% whereas IV of May 18 hardly change… benefit from IV gain + delta gain


Differences between IV of MU calls in different months are not that much, so gain won’t be as spectacular as SPLK… 110% vs 35%.

Based on below analysis, 52% chance of winning :slight_smile:


Did you typo the PANW strikes? Those are both deep ITM.


Typo. SPLK :grinning: not PANW.


Micron Technology, Inc. Stock Is a Beast — Buy This Dip

Is MU undervalued (P/E metric) or overvalued (P/S metric)?

Using P/E metric, MU is undervalued.

Using P/S metric, MU is overvalued.


I don’t agree with the peer group. Suggesting traditional hard drives are the same as flash drives and DRAM isn’t very accurate. It’d be interesting to see revenue by product for those companies. I bet they wouldn’t be peers.


Micron Traders Place Big Bets on 19% Stock Gain

The technical chart shows if shares rise above $50, it will signal a breakout. Should that happen, the stock’s next resistance level comes at nearly $58, an increase of 19% from its price of roughly $48.80.

So many bullish articles on MU… make me worry whether it can go up on Mar 22 :pensive:
Technical picture is pretty good.


MU breakout…
FOMOed bought 10 Apr calls… ride the momentum



Why Micron’s Stock Bulls May Be Wrong

Micron’s stock has historically traded at a cheap earnings multiple, and part of that is due to the cyclical nature of the business. But the share’s rise and multiple expansion could also be a function of those betting that the cyclical nature of the business is a thing of the past, becoming more steady and predictable. The stock currently trades are 6.3 times one year forward estimates.

There is no doubting the bullish sentiment in the stock and the potential for growth in the business for the future. The question is why is that optimism not reflected in the earnings and revenue estimates going forward. One wonders if the bulls have it all wrong.

Technically, pullback is due… would it turn into correction?
Thinking aloud: Highly to happen after earning. Close all position? Need to review position for sure.


Micron’s forward PE is 6, trailing is 8. I don’t get what the author means optimism not reflected in earnings estimates. Share is depressed because people still cringed to the old idea of DRAM being a commodity.


Micron Stock Breaks Out but Could See Near-Term Consolidation

Traders should watch for some consolidation between trendline support at $50.00 and R2 resistance at $57.20 over the coming week. A breakout from R2 resistance could lead to fresh multi-year highs, while a breakdown below trendline support could lead to a move down to the pivot point at $45.26.


Shot past R2, $57.20!



I missed MU great time, when I identified low around 40s, but got it late.

How do you or others feel about KR (Krogers) fallen down now.

I have got DLTR, but KR still thinking.

BTW: thanks @jane, I got some MTCH too (test drive).


Jane or Lulu? Are you looking for a new soul mate?