AI's Investment Implications


He is at war with who? Apple? FBI? Consumers? 10c? Google? AMZN?
Apparently he wants to destroy iMessage because it is not stealing consumers’ data.


Recent Warnings From Chipmakers Aren’t Just About Weaker Demand

The upshot: Investors shouldn’t assume that the guidance cuts being delivered by major chip developers are solely due to demand issues. If macro conditions hold up better than feared, chip buyers that are currently being conservative with their ordering activity could start behaving differently.

Might be a good idea to nibble semi here for a bet on “not as bad as expected” macro conditions.


If you get shares just less than 5% from the bottom, that is great ! :joy:


$100 for NVDA :grinning:


Even if it comes to $50, where is the money ?


I am getting tempted to buy NVDA. Now the fear is irrational.



Buy place your order lower than my GTC $142 buy.


May I know what justification that it will turn back and the time frame? This is just for my knowledge purpose (to know what I am missing).

Any way, I will not buy as I do not have money (Neck deep in stock with deep red) !


6 shares for every 7% decline. Is a new approach I read somewhere. Currently at 42 shares.


That is interesting ! Is 6 good feng shui?


No, was the original F10 number :slight_smile: For good omen, should use 8 shares for every 8% drop :slight_smile:
You can start now and see where NVDA bottoms :slight_smile:
Should bottom already right?
Average price is $112.80 :slight_smile: So may be buy 18 shares @$103 and @$95.
If feel is bottom, buy 40 more shares for a round lot of 100 average price $103! Perfect, Sure to survive 103.


You should have given the logic to me already ! :grin: Defintely, I missed this concept.

I wrongly (Madly) purchased AAPL every two or three dollars drop… Even today I purchased AAPL at top !

Now lesson learnt ! Let me buy shares for each 5% fall !!


Invested $10k (pass Princess’ min investment but didn’t meet the gold standard of $50k) in NVDA, average purchase price $187, red $2k.


Pulled the trigger too soon…


me or you? I suppose to have sold around $220, got distracted and forgotten. Now have to bite the bullet and average down.

Actually the most purchases was long before the decline which supposed to have sold at $220. Only recent 12 is new. The last 6 is green, bought at $137.


You with Nvda.


Get ready to backup the truck around $100.


The Future of Virtual Reality Could Be Huge for Nvidia Stock

Is $133.31 the bottom? A magnet is close by :sweat:


What if Trump bans sales of nvidia chips to China?


What? Trump is pro-exports, but anti-imports !