AI's Investment Implications


Can you give some names of startups working on this? So I can quickly buy them when they IPO :slight_smile: or may be I go to register as accredited/ qualified investor to buy them. Apple also don’t need much data for their SIRI and AI (facial recognition in photos etc)… are they using those algorithms or just smarter way of deep learning & reinforcement learning?


The main contributor of GAN network, Ian Goodfellow, works for OpenAI. I believe it is a non for profit organization. The main issue I’ve seen so far with AI is that despite the advancement of the research, the application of AI is relatively lagging. Also, the applications today mainly focus on the fields related to computer/phone. The real money will come from the applications applied to different domains such as medical, aviation, oceanography which computer scientists know very little about. It will take some time to have more cross domain experts to bring them forward.


Interview of Midea CEO. I am still accumulating its stock.


How to buy this stock? You’ve account in China or HK?

Foshan is in Guandong, why is he speaking Mandarin and not Cantonese?


The whole country is speaking Mandarin more and more. Even in Guangzhou and Zhuhai most young people speak Mandarin when I visited last summer.

Thru Interactive Broker you can invest in many countries’ markets. I bought Shenzhen shares thru IB’s HK operation. It’s seamless. You don’t need to care how they make it work. I am learning about the companies listed in Shenzhen. Looks like it’s China’s version of Nasdaq.


The warfare among the 7 warrior states continues…

Intel to Develop Discrete GPUs, Hires Raja Koduri as Chief Architect & Senior VP

On Monday, Intel announced that it had penned a deal with AMD to have the latter provide a discrete GPU to be integrated onto a future Intel SoC. On Tuesday, AMD announced that their chief GPU architect, Raja Koduri, was leaving the company. Now today the saga continues, as Intel is announcing that they have hired Raja Koduri to serve as their own GPU chief architect. And Raja’s task will not be a small one; with his hire, Intel will be developing their own high-end discrete GPUs.

Intel finally aiming squarely at Nvidia. Intention is clear. Can Intel execute?


Nothing is more direct AI investment than this one:

Let’s see if it beats SPY.


Need to buy 50 shares in INTC… no choice…


??? You would need at least 1000 shares to be marginally meaningful…


Looks like I (only) missed the trend by 18-20 months. Semis took off beginning of 2016. Not the end of the world. We can still catch up.

Here’s MW’s list of chip stocks. Cheapest is Micron, dearest is Nvidia.


SMH is down 2% today. buy-buy-buy

I think no matter who wins there will be more silicon in the future world. Obviously if you can pick the individual winners, then you’ll get even higher returns than SMH.


Nvidia crushed earnings.


They did but the stock is slightly down.


I am getting closer and closer to buying NVDA. It’s expensive but there is no avoiding it. They have a chokehold in learning and good shot at inference.


What’s your strike price?


Fang ant bat, I’m missing amzn, nvda, and ten cent…


I hope you didn’t miss this:

This is more significant than Intel’s collaboration with AMD. Intel is not giving up on high-end graphics as the collaboration with AMD suggests. In fact they are starting a new group to enter this market for real this time around.


I learned about the hire last night. Intel’s intent is clear, but I think it can’t out-maneuver Nvidia. It has too many pots cooking in the kitchen. Intel tries to be everything to everybody. My money is still on Nvidia.


The best time to buy nvda was 2 years ago not now.


It’s never too late. The best time to buy a house is 2010. Does it mean we should never buy again?