AI's Investment Implications


How long will it take Intel to start manufacturing GPU chips if they start designing them now? NVDA has more room to run, because Intel won’t be a competitor tomorrow. I’d still bet on NVDA to move faster than INTC.


You have the worst case of FOMO I’ve seen in anyone ever… only a matter of time before you dive all in with bitcoin :rofl:


Will buy bitcoin when it hits 20k. :smile:


Agree. I have some already, the higher the price, its much safer to invest. As an example, Its less riskier to invest in bitcoin that it was in 2011 :slight_smile:


Really??? This has to be a joke… :rofl:


looks like Groq came out of stealth … kinda


Chamath is on it! I have a check ready. TAKE MY MONEY!!!


Come on, you’re the perma bull. You’re also the Mr. more risk means more reward guy.


@wuqijun has lost his mojo. Need to eat more eggs and steaks to boost your testosterone level. :smiling_imp:


You are right!!! :rofl:


No dead serious. Old people tend to dismiss new technologies :wink:


Just keep watching and it will go to 25k before crashing :grinning:so need to exit at right time


Chamath also owns 100k or more btc at 100 bucks a pop


I’m still young at heart!!! :laughing:


Don’t miss the chance to be ride the biggest bubble


wuqijun is too plump, may not be able to jump off in time when the bubble burst… probably sitting on it as it bursts.


I don’t have a case of FOMO like @manch… You’re preaching to the wrong person… :rofl:


You’re right… I will hardly budge if at all… :rofl:



That’s not very bullish for bitcoin or other cypto currencies.

Also, if you believe in global warming, then you should be anti bitcoin.

The amount of electricity used is huge. That’s going to end up being like a tax on every transaction.


Really, so nvda is in that dirty bitcoin mining business? Ok, strike one! :rofl:

And yes, bitcoins are very wasteful on resources, and not at all a necessity. Shame on the people who hyped up this insanity… :laughing: