All about College!


OMG, I shudder to think The Donald has my back…


These Asians are lame. Do what Jared Kushner’s dad did. Buy your way in.


I just want a peek at the records… I suspect a lot of AAs did not get in but should have…


I am actually not so sure. Do Asians have high test scores? Sure. But are high test scores everything?

Fully 1/3 of the whole Harvard freshman class goes to “Legacy Admission”. Those are alum’s kids. You can also buy your way in. Stanford’s president visited Li Ka Shing, Hong Kong’s richest man, around the time his kids were applying for college. I am talking about Stanford president flying out to Hong Kong to meet the man. Well lo and behold, his kids went to Stanford.

Here’s a Chinese article on how to buy your way in:

Or you can read the Google translated version.


Ok, maybe not too bad…


Technically speaking both are selfish because they can both be considered as successful based on different perspectives. It’s just that the former is short-sighted and the latter is not.


That’s very interesting…that they included Asians as minorities in their stats. I thought Ivy league colleges consider them part of the majority since so many apply.


Asian-American students make up 22.2 percent, <— no affirmative action
followed by 14.6 percent of African-Americans, <-- affirmative action succeeded
11.6 percent of Hispanics or Latinos <-- affirmative action failed


Elon Musk to the Young and Ambitious: Skills Matter More Than Degrees

Given, as Musk points out, that some of the best-known names in tech – from Bill Gates to Larry Ellison to Steve Jobs – failed to graduate, the fact that greatness and gold-plated degrees don’t always go together seems hard to argue with.

And that’s not only true when you’re talking about revolutionary geniuses. One recent analysis of job postings found that, to save themselves the hassle of sifting through more resumes, companies are increasingly demanding degrees for positions whose current occupants perform perfectly well without them. This degree inflation means companies end up paying 30 percent more for talent than they need to.

Musk’s dismissive attitude toward academic accolades should also serve as a reminder to young people that, if you put all your energy into grades and diplomas, you’re almost certainly not focusing enough on what really matters – skills, and the ability to continue updating them throughout your career.


Does Musk hire where his mouth is?


Of course not.


Of course.


I guarantee it!!!


UC Merced? By the way anyone looking to buy multifam in Merced to take advantage of that UC’s expansion?


Not worth it. Her son would rather to receive no college education. Is it that important?


How much will it expand? Riverside property value did not do that great after UC Riverside


Going to a UC through the back door aka community college is kind of lame. I get it for immigrants who came here during or after high school but the rest I’m not so sure about.


Why did Harvard place African American over
Hispanic American? Are Aftican American kids more talented?


Because there’s a BLM movement. Where’s the HLM movement? Whoever complains the loudest gets more attention.


I’m curious why you’d want to rent to a bunch of college students. From what I’ve heard those are the worst renters to have.