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This is such a great question. If anyone choose the former, one is just a selfish person chasing one’s own desire by whatever definition success is.
However, if you are willing to choose the latter, I recommend you reconsider defining success simply as having successful children. This way, the two choices are equalivance, at least inductively :sweat_smile:.
Viewing success this way, I need to make sure:

  1. I am financially secure to raise my family
  2. I love my wife so my marriage is intact
  3. I teach my kids to be good parents that mean
  • They need to be financially secure
  • They need to love their spouses
  • They need to teach their kids the same.

because ultimately their kids’ success define theirs and in turn define mine own success.


If you replace butter with fried egg or avocado, it becomes nutritious and tasty meal(i guess?) but i like butter and soy sauce combination too. :slight_smile:


Success for three generation is rare. Cambridge Analytics is right, you can tell one’s beliefs from the likes they gave :smile: very useful for target marketing and politicians.

I see you have ignore your parents and siblings :sweat_smile: Is all about me, myself and I :disappointed_relieved:


Actually, I believe in taking care of yourself first and foremost. It’s more of a Western way of looking at things. Westerners tend to have less of an emotional attachment to their children than East Asians do. They are not going to look at their life as ruined or unsuccessful just because they raised bad kids. Likewise, Western kids also have less commitment to their parents. The term “filial piety” is very important in Chinese culture, but almost obscure in Western culture.


That is an obvious thing to do :slight_smile: you can’t take care of others when you’re weak :wink:



But what do you think about my comparison between the western and east asian? Do you think it’s better to be western or asian when dealing with your kids or your parents?


I knew the difference long ago.

We’re here and living such a good life as compared to previous generations is because of those before us :wink:
I don’t subscribe to the idea that I’m successful or a failure because of myself :smile: and my effort.


I think the older you get, the better it is to think like an Asian. Because more than likely you are done with your responsibilities toward your parents and expecting a big payback from your children.


My wish is my children can contribute to the society that help them lead a good life i.e. make the life of next generation better.


I think it’s really about the future. If you take are of yourself now, your kids will inherit both freedom to succeed and whatever is left of your investments. If you fail to take care of yourself now, they inherit a burden on time and money and no investments later. The sooner you invest, the larger it grows, so I don’t see it as a one-or-other situation, but as both or neither.


I’m talking about the “put your children above all else” mentality of some people. There’s a HK movie back in the days (starring Andy Lau) talking about a woman resorting to prostitution to raise money to support her kid’s college education. She led a miserable life to guarantee her son’s success. Although this is fiction, the movie became a sensation and the character’s action was praised.


Damn, @ed-lo, you might have earned the “Most likes on a post” award right there…


Do Koreans eat a lot of kimchi fired rice? That seems a pretty simple dish to make.


Children = future
We (you, me & siblings) = current
Parents = past

Future is more important than current, current is more important than past.
Some Chinese have mistaken the idea and go overboard in taking care of the future.
The goal should be level up. Everybody on the same boat, floating. Prioritize resources to the future (then current then past) as they are the ones who would be around to take care of the new future. Take note of “would be around to take care of the new future” as there could be situations where we become more important than the children.

This is a very simple idea that all species i.e. not just human beings, follow to ensure the continuity of the species. Note “continuity of the species” is more important than the continuity of your blood line.


On the other hand the West has clearly won since the industrial revolution. To the point that we are all now sitting in America. Are you sure the eastern way is superior?

I still see the youth in the West being more creative. Maybe part of the reason is that they don’t need to look back to, and take care of the past so much?


You’re too Americanized. Is not obvious to you but the use of the words, “success”, “superior”, “idiots”… reflects influence by the American’s superiority complex. America is a few centuries old and Western ideas dominated recently (talking about history of mankind). In any case, the drift of the discussion is not about which culture is superior, just sharing our beliefs. But you jump straight into which one is superior… very American.

Define creativity? Your definition would influence what you view as creative and some attributes/skills which I may consider creative as not creative.


Didn’t the original question from @wuqijun use the word “successful”?

I am just generalizing from “individual and family” to society as a whole.

Which way is “better”, however you define it, to organize society?


I think you have forgotten the in thing is “diversity” :crazy_face: We no longer talk about which way is better.

I don’t think you get my subtle message… tell you more when we meet up :joy: Frankly, I find you very rigid :rofl:


Of couse, one of most popular simple korean dishes. I usually add some protein like shrimp.
Beside that, kimchi pancake, kimchi stew, kimchi cold noodle are also popular and easy to cook. :slight_smile: