All about College!

If she wants to major in dance, why go to college?


Guess Florida State has a special dance major.

Your wife wants to migrate to Singapore? The problem with so many high IQ people squeezing in a tiny island, is your chance of been underemployed if you stay in Singapore is high. And unfortunately, Singapore doesn’t have a large population i.e. addressable market is small, is impossible to inculcate a SV spirit.

I have a friend from Singapore who was in the Bay Area for a couple of years. Her husband was here on business, and when they didn’t get their term here renewed, she said she wasn’t excited to go back to Singapore. She felt that the kids in Singapore study morning until night and there’s no downtime. She is a parent who had thoroughly researched the schools in the Bay Area and had a gifted kid. I thought it was an interesting perspective.

That’s like every kid in Asia, not specific to Singapore.

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That kid is not smart enough. Do your homework during those commercial breaks while watching TV. If you can’t finish the homework at the end of the show, you are not smart enough :slight_smile: Gifted in BA is only 108?

UC San Diego undergoes historic expansion fueled by chancellor’s big bucks and big ideas


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