All about College!

PG gets it.

College admissions want to hide their tracks. Only way they can do it is to get rid of standardized tests.


In other words expect the college discrimination against Asians to get worse. No end in sight.



Time for you to go back to Hong Kong or migrate to one of the SEA nations. Doesn’t matter if your daughters are not that great :smiling_imp:

What is the purpose of letting the exceptionally smart ones in only to trap them as slaves :scream:? Is that talent hoarding at national level? That is other nations don’t have them, can’t compete with USA.

These talents should go to ASEAN… plenty of good deals for talents.

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I will consider if your family moves back to Singapore.

Hong Kong has been killed by the Chinese Communists. It’s now a shithole. Will never go back.

The big mistake many immigrant parents here make is that they assume college admissions work the same way here as in their old countries, ie all merit based and exam scores above everything else. It’s like coming to a football game trying to play basketball. But once you know the rule of the game we can play it well too.


Colleges have their own agenda. Right now, it’s reparation, pro-women in STEM, and supporting families who are un(der)educated while keeping their “product” a seller’s market by keeping the number of spots way less than needed. At the same time, they have to produce truly grateful pool of decently accomplished alumni who feel lucky to have been selected so that they can be encouraged to donate to the college to continue it’s meager existence.

Elite colleges will always continue on with their legacy placement. I wouldn’t characterize it as a meager existence. Just last month Ken Griffin gave $300M to Harvard. Don’t think Ken’s kids will have any problem getting into Harvard. These colleges are doing very well, and all these “woke” admissions policy actually strengthens their brands.

Yes, colleges are only looking after themselves. We can whine all day long but it is what it is. As peons we need to strategize better. It’s a beauty contest we need to put on the right make up.

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Wrong answer. You need to just say no. Vote with your $$. Send your kids to a college that judges on merit. Like somewhere outside the US.

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Nah, not going to martyr my kids for political statements.

I know it sucks. But what colleges don’t discriminate against is money. Parents with a little bit of resources should feel no qualms about throwing money at the problem. Hire competent, professional consultants and play the game we are asked to play.

It ain’t Kansas no more.

But what colleges don’t discriminate against is money.

Oh. I thought you meant donate $1M to the college of your choice.

A consultant will only go so far. I recommend moving to Alaska. More bang for your buck.

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PS: Just realize that those professionals may tell you that you will not get into the college of your choice. If you’re ok playing the game they recommend, you might do ok, but hiring a consultant isn’t going to guarantee you into the Ivy’s.

“More than 75% of high schoolers now say that a two-year or technical certification is enough, and only 41% believe they must have a four-year degree to get a good job.”

It’s good people are becoming more aware and less delusional. Most degrees are not worth it at current tuition prices.

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Hey, my NY cousin’s son is a union paid electrician in Manhattan. I am sure he is making good money for someone 30 and under.

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Could have dire consequences for China’s long term political stability.

China doesn’t have enough white-collar jobs to accommodate the surge in college graduates.



Is why China is “cracking down” on big China techs. Told you long ago… now then you are “woke”.

Anyhoo, they are welcome in Singapore :slight_smile: Wait… Singapore may have the same problem :hugs:

Don’t know what you are talking about. Cracking down on tech makes the employment problem worse, not better.

Fundamentally all these are just symptoms. Root cause is China’s unbalanced economic model. Household income share of GDP in China is only 30-40%. In a “normal” economy like that of the US household income share is at 60-70%. So China is heavily dependent on manufacturing for foreign markets and infrastructure investment to drive growth. And that means service economy can never really grow up. It’s the service economy that absorbs college graduates.

There is a good chance we will see the collapse of CCP under Xi. Don’t die too soon. Great show ahead!


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Allow young ambitious graduates to start up and not out compete by incumbent mega caps. Start ups are potential future mega caps. These would increase the number of mega caps. As you already know, mega caps employ many graduates.

Are you awake? Woke?

Actually I am not sure your idea of manufacturing vs service is correct. I need to do some reading up :smiling_face:

Here’s the WSJ article where those charts come from:

Unemployment is so bad the jobs young people want the most are government jobs. Economy has lost its mojo. All the educated young want is safety. No more risk-taking.

Marriage rate is also crashing down hard. Young people can’t find jobs and don’t want to get married. The Han race is committing suicide.

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Tell Xi to ask LHL what to do. Singapore has experienced this type of scenario previously.

Sheet, me envious of that 100% employer (govt) paid health care during retirement! Ain’t gonna lie, that sheet is expensive!!!


Hey, you added all these. Not in the article.