All about College!


Oh, I get why apparently 36% of students skip meals. They don’t bother to cook. Food in American supermarkets is outrageously cheap. Get a rice cooker. A 50lb of rice costs only 25 bucks. That should last a whole semester.


Two words: Top Ramen


Nothing beats rice cooker dude! Cheapest meal bar none.


So everyone become 饭桶?


Rice has the highest performance/price ratio. For absolute cheapness you can put some butter and soy sauce into your rice and call it a meal.




ramen noodles. paul graham says so.


Those are expensive.


damn. ok.


36% of the college students in hunger and on the brink of homelessness. What a country? Is it trump’s fault? Impeach when confirmed!


Prima Taste Laksa La Mian, 185g, (Pack of 12)

3 bucks a pack. Actually even more expensive in local stores.


I think a part time job a the student union cafe or the school cafeteria would solve all the food needs!!!


when i was in college , i eat a lot of $2.75 TK noodle and a dollar viet sandwich. combined with ramen. thse young people need to learn how to spend their money , instead of buying iphone, buy food


I think Fearless Leader is thinking about the fancier ramen packages. Top Ramen in the bulk pack was pretty darn cheap. My buddies who went to Cal seriously lived on Top Ramen. We joke about it all the time, that when they went home to SF, for sure coming back was a stockpile of Top Ramen. Don’t get me wrong, I love rice but for absolute cheapness and certainly not for nutrition reasons Top Ramen was the way my boys survived college.


Come on, 48 count for 20 bucks in today’s money. What is that, less than 50 cent per meal?



Ok. Maybe throw in a hot dog or two plus some lettuce. $1 a meal.


Dude, maybe on your birthday or holiday… my boys were truly starving, college students. Now, they are basking in Millbrae or Burlingame homes…


Yes that would benefit your eldest son, but what about your other children? I don’t think public schools in Oakland are decent, unless you plan to put them in private schools.


I was the same way, except mine was $3.5 fried rice at some Panda Express wannabe or $1 filet-o-fish at Mickey D’s.


College kids are so miserable. We should close colleges to end this suffering. Extend high school to 6 year and make community college doing upper division courses instead. Make college easy and affordable for people.