All about College!


And here I thought we were talking about Rice U. :rofl:


I hear kellogg school of management also has similar price/performance ratio.


Rice cooker is like a miracle device. You can make a meal with that simple machine. Best yet it’s a turn it on and forget about it kind of machine. Every freshman should take a Rice Cooker 101 as their first class in college. They will not go hungry anymore for the rest of their lives!


If the kids have no secure place to live, they can’t find a place to use that rice cooker.

Google can donate 100 rice cookers to each of the top 100 colleges.


Especially the Raisin Bran major. I see Manch as a Cap’nCrunch degree kind of guy.


My favorite “food device” is a bread maker :slight_smile: except wife doesn’t want to get it for the fear of eating too much :slight_smile:


How about just plain o corn flakes? You guys are fancy pants.


No need to be so drastic. Make it compulsory to do lower division courses in Junior colleges is sufficient. Replace SAT with qualifying exams for lower division courses. Universities only do upper division courses. That would save a bundle and reduce the pressure on accommodation.


Colleges should have fruit orchards. Some exercise for students + plenty of food + nice greenery :slight_smile:


You mean Fruit Loops? Toucan Sam leading the exercises.


Yes! I remember in engineering school when I was done with final exams, I would even splurge and add some sausages to the rice in the rice cooker. What a splurge. What porcine goodness. :slight_smile:


You can also do hot pots with rice cookers. Biggest invention by the Japanese.


:slight_smile: Yeah but the Japanese brands are too expensive for college students. Mine was a Tatung.


Even better if you know some school friends that work there (part time) – extra and larger scoops…

I recalled we always visits some friends that work at the local college cafe - always the best deal!!!


My friends didn’t work there. Poor me, I had to wait for Mondays (or was it Tuesdays, can’t remember) for that $1 filet-o-fish…


Damnnit midnight hunger now! McD filet o fish was a college weakness of mine and continues to be one. Since I did not know any McD workers, my technique was to wait for Lent for double filet o fishes to go on sale.



Good question. I haven’t been able to confirm whether there are or aren’t schools that would work in Oakland/nearby areas. But Fremont is still on Bart as is Walnut Creek. And parochial school could be an option. Also, one of my kids wants to be homeschooled anyways. But I’m not willing to try it right now since I can’t get him back into his current school.

Our preference is certainly RWC, but if RWC doesn’t work, it’d be a reason to focus efforts on upper/middle East Bay and an SF job rather than San Jose Caltrainable and peninsula/SJ job.


I know a family that did this for all 3 kids after paying for a private HS. All 3 kids ended up at UC or CSU schools. The California CC system is setup so all classes transfer to UC or CSU schools. From my understanding, there’s far fewer transfer applicants per spot. It’s less competitive. Plus, you save a ton of money.

It also moves kids from the highly structured HS format to the far less structured college format more gradually. I went to college with plenty of super smart people that couldn’t adapt to less structure, and they failed/dropped out.


AP courses are lower division courses :slight_smile:
MVHS has linked up with De Anza College (a CC/ JC) for those who want a gradual change as you pointed out, to complete all lower division courses (my idea is not that original :slight_smile: ).

UCs seem to reserve many spots for CC transfers and they get priority in choosing courses :slight_smile: