All You Single Ladies

That blog is gone now. Did you guys do anything bad?

??? seems to be there…scroll down some

Gee…you haven’t seen a woman painting homes? Sheetrocking? Masonry?

Or, you forgot of the Chinese women working the fields, the Vietnamese women, Hispanic women? Not to say they got/get abused and put into prostitution by the horrible men that brought them to this country.

Do you forget that women made this country great during the second world war? Thanks to them, to their war efforts, to leave the sanctity of their homes, we some how are free, otherwise, we would be speaking Germany. If our great parents were not killed at that time by the Nazis.

Thanks to a black woman, we, somehow, went to the moon. :kissing_heart:

We need and love women, period!

Good! somebody woke this topic up.

We are in the midst of electing a pervert for a position in the senate somewhere. That is where “ladies” have to intervene and make an opinion of why Christians and dirty politicians support a child molester and a pervert. Don’t get worked up on adult infidelities and the likes, this is about your daughter of “dating age” as these perverts call them. Shame on you for being quiet.

DISCLAIMER: This is not me, it’s embedded in the piece written by somebody else.

Hey, Trump voters: I don’t give a f*** what Bernie or anyone else says about your needs, anxieties, or economic troubles.

When you can justify the rape or assault of children, I’m f****** done with you.

You pedophile-loving, sexual-assault defending, Bible-thumping, Putin-worshipping, evil, authoritarian racist losers can all drown for all I care. (Or, what would be more likely, shoot each other up.) If these are the values of the so-called “heartland”, then f*** the heartland.

You embrace hatred of your fellow man, yet promote lust for someone’s else’s child. Then you have the sick audacity to say you promote “family values”. You don’t need economic help–you need psychological help. The only people worse than you are the GOP silent enablers who excuse every monstrous thing because speaking out might mean they won’t get to kick a poor person in the teeth anymore.

Damn it, my Fremont house just took a hit!!!

The title of least datable place Northern California, however, goes to Fremont, which came in at No. 157 (out of 182) with 45.43 points.

Isn’t Fremont high up on places to raise a family though? SFH = raising a family. Single people = condos/apartments


Oh for sure. I was just kidding. Like I really care about singles who want to spend all their money on avocado toasts and Iphone Xs…

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You should like those people. Their spending keeps the economy going which increases the stock portfolio. Also, their spending habits make them unlikely home buyers. They increase the pool of renters which drive up rents.

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Yes, let’s applaud them for their contributions towards the economy but eventually I want them to be able to buy homes too. Not all of us want to be landlords forever you know.

For those who are married, taking off the disgruntled males (not you dragon, sheriff, etc) females are the ones pushing for a family to have a home.

The end.