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Women are also more likely to go to college than men.

In the upcoming AI apocalypse men’s jobs like driving trucks are going away. Jobs that require empathy like nursing and teaching, mostly held by women, will do just fine.

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I am not sure about this.
There was an article in The Atlantic “Technology will soon erase millions of jobs…”.
It said surprisingly many people found it more comfortable to talk to machines for mental therapy than real people since they don’t have to worry about judgement/embarrassment etc.
Have you watched the movie big hero 6?
We can program AI robots to show empathy in a more appropriate way than human being.
I agree that nurses are more secure than truck driver within short term, but in the long run, I don’t know what occupation is really secure.
AI can take over jobs of artists, musician, writers as well.
Paintings made by computers look so beautiful to me (well, non-artistic engineer, though).

I seem to recall in an Econ class being spoon fed that one day technology would take away a lot of the labor, monotonous chores and leave everyone to a whole lot of more leisure time. Come on, is that happening (with the leisure)? Aren’t we more stressed than ever??? I suppose if you are property barons like some of y’all here you would have a lot more leisure in general.

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Look at the bright side.
AI would free humans from the curse of Adam eating the sacred Apple.
We don’t have to work anymore. Just live and enjoy, yay!

Yes, AI is unable to do intuitive leaps and come up with original ideas.

Automate or be automated. The only jobs secure will be of the ones creating such AI systems. Of course, that is until AI gets so advanced, it can be taught to build AI systems !!

I think it’s more difficult to program a stand up comedian than self driving cars. One requires deep understanding of humans the other just operate machinery.

In the therapy example you are dealing with people who have problems in the human world. So it makes sense they want to get away and find comfort in an artificial world. But all humans want human contact. That’s why solitary confinement is so cruel.

Close enough???

Funny you should say that manch.

First, you’ve obviously never met a woman truck driver. They do exist. But I’ll let the women on this forum lecture you about that.

More importantly, I was at a steering committee meeting on Tuesday. The staff person from the Transporation Authority came in casual dress which is unlike him. He explained that he’d been out on the testing grounds at the former Concord Naval Weapons station with engineers from Honda and Mercedes running new tests on self driving trucks interacting with cars. That’s what MB and Honda see as the first real world application for autonomous vehicles is. Trucks! And, they see it happening sooner rather than latter.

Although this PPP has gotten some press, it goes largely unnoticed and most people think autonomous vehicles are years away. But, every time I hear about it from those involved, I realize that the vehicle manufacturers are way ahead of where we think they are.

The guy with the baseball hat on walking in front of the self driving Acura is the colleague I speak of. He took quite a ribbing for walking in front of a driverless car for this press expo. Plenty of people thought he was crazy.

His boss, Randy Iwasaki - the ED at CCTA - is an entrenched believer in using technology to improve transportation. It was through his drive and effort that the GoMentum station came into being in the first place.

There is technological development outside of the SV.

Looks too much like Hillary for my taste! :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose I could say would you refer The Donald version? (not that there is anything wrong with that…)

I have a feeling we all know what this robot’s going to be used for… Lust isn’t love. And she won’t say “no” or come asking for paternity payments…

Are you saying that ONLY men have needs???

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Now that you’ve put me on the spot, I’m ok saying that. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that scientists are also studying how to re-wire the brain to make it smarter.

Come on, @Terri, there is a reason why companies like Good Vibrations exist.

And no, those aren’t used to get the kink out of one’s neck…

Products Sex toys, adult videos and books
Revenue $11.9 million (2006)
Number of employees
63 (2014)

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Kinda long, but a decent read…