Almaden Valley, how much will it sell for?

In its description, it says it is 8 acres. It asks for 8M. It has an almost square lot of about 2 acres, plus a long stripe of about 6 acres(?).

My guess, it will sell for between $6M to $7M. What do you guys think?

How many SFH’s you can develop on it ?

I am too inexperienced to take on a large project like this. So everything will be speculations. The 2 acres lot can develop maybe 6 SFHs. 8 would be difficult given that you need some area to access the new houses. However for the long stripe, it seems difficult to develop anything.

This type of project is for ptieman.

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Before the forum gets a collective orgasm, how do you move the Power towers from the open space? Looks like major power lines are branching out from that open space (no strip leading out). Must have been kept open for some reason. Regulation may restrict redevelopment.

The 6 Acres is strip with Power towers.

I have seen something like this in SC. Seller was advertising it as “have your small vineyard” in your backyard.

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If development is restricted, that’s going to be a huge problem. The property you saw in SC(Santa Clara?), did it sell in the end, with or without large discount?

@ptiemann @cloud what do you guys think

Sold at the normal price of the house. No mark up for the large lot. I visited the street sometimes ago again and the large backyard is lying vacant. Its not usable with a large tower at one end.

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Don’t know if people would buy houses right next to towers or these wires running over there backyards.