Always Wanted To Be An Architect?

Free online course by Haaavard no less…


That’s cool, thanks. I might take it

You are most welcome, Sir! I try my best to post anything relevant or remotely close to real estate related (exception being the occasional chinese food article or interesting OT story).

Not free, but could be interesting…

Oh…how sweet!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Any courses online on how to become a landlord, I mean, an investor? Because those guys coming to my town telling me that I can flip a flop aren’t teaching me anything. :innocent:

You mean you really can’t buy a home without using any of your own money? Not at all? OMG, I need a drink at lunch…

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What? You buy your properties cash?

Never heard of OPM? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The intro sounded interesting to me and I just signed up! thank you

I used to work in a Gehry building. What a dump.

^ Really? that’s surprising.

Once, I worked in a “semi-iconic” building-- inside was a dump, filled with [dirty dealings] (, but taking care of who and how the building is used is the owner’s responsibility.

I’ve never been in a Gehry building, but last time I visited the High Line (summer) I thought this one was way cool: