Amazing Amazon

Blind says the same. Can hear more stories.

I’m sure this has ZERO to do with Bezos’ twitter posts calling out Biden’s BS on inflation. Biden should be more worried about Pelosi giving him the middle finger and visiting Taiwan. Interesting, that she does it now and not when Trump was president.

Most of them are delivery stations and delivery centers. They clearly decided that strategy wasn’t required. I wonder if that’s because they are pushing the locker delivery more. It’s a huge cost saver for them.

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Bezos is having too much fun. He needs to head back to work. Elon is still working long hours, so should Jeff!

“Amazon, Walmart, Target and many other major retailers are grappling with a glut of inventory after long-delayed orders of items that were hot sellers during the pandemic arrived, only to be passed over by shoppers whose habits have since shifted. Companies are now opting to kick off holiday sales sooner than ever with the hope that it will help clear out unwanted inventory.”

By the time companies adjusting to the shift in what people wanted, the demand shifted back to normal. This is going to be a nightmare for retailers. Shoppers have fatigue and are struggling with inflation.


Nordstrom is fairly busy.

Target is also fairly busy.

Wrong mix :grinning:

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I did my part…

“Last year, reports noted that Amazon’s goal is to filter out the bottom 6 percent of employees, and that it didn’t necessarily let employees who were at risk of losing their jobs know so they could actively work on improving their performance.”

This is 100% true, and most years it is 10%. It’s amazing when you have someone in the bottom 10% transferred onto your team in a re-org. The first 1:1 is the employee asking for help getting promoted, because the prior manager was that opaque about the performance issues. I was able to coach up the person, but I was dinged for not “hiring and developing the best.” You’d think that leadership principle would be about coaching people up. No, it’’s really code for purging the bottom and replacing them.

Oh, they also promote management who have active complaints for verbally abusing employees. Then the whole department gets sent to sensitivity training.

There’s an entire marketing team dedicated to convincing former employees to return. I’ve been asked to go back. I honestly couldn’t stop laughing. I’m pretty sure my response got me removed from the list :slight_smile:

My current boss was at Amazon less than a year. We didn’t cross paths there, but that’s how bad his experience was.


Sound like AMZN is GEed.

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This is the case that could make someone’s career at the DOJ. It’s the real anti trust case. The splitting of retail vs. AWS is foolish chase. It’s the retail and FBA spit that’d be the real case.