Amazing Amazon

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Hmmm, I would like to see them deliver my 85" tv this way… Watch out!!!


Possible, when this happens !

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OMG…that can’t be real… or is it???

(Hi Amazon…yeah we need an “elephant in the room”…no, I mean a real elephant in the room)

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Is that like Uber Kitten? It could be Prime Elephant!

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Amazon Restaurants!

Jeff Bezos won’t stop until he owns every penny we have…


What isn’t Amazon doing???

Aurora, Colorado eh???

They are just rollin’…

Earnings today! Boy my three horses Apple, Facebook and Amazon have earnings one after another. Good that I have a strong heart. :smile:

AMZN plunges.

Uh, oh… not our amazing high flyin Amazon!!! OMG, the sky is falling, the sky is falling (or it must be that drone from Amazon falling)

Try the gravity defying Apple.

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It must be that circular spaceship HQ of theirs…

Come on, 55% increase in profits? Not that shabby right? Do you realistically think they can keep churning out crazy high earnings every quarter? @Jil, time to buy, again???

GOOG just passed AAPL

Yeah, Aurora, hold that thought…