Amazing Elon

Musk is Dr Evil

Is EM self-aware?


Who’s WEF?

WEF is short for World Economic Forum. Frankly, I don’t know what they do and why we need them. Feel like big businesses forming a cartel.

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Finally he admitted to that.

They’re the big honchos there to decide the fate of the little guy. Even you millionaires on the list.


Fun money is back?

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Elon Musk Makes a Big Offer to Major Aerospace Competitor

Please fund my R&D.

Chao Geng. He plans to pull out of the fight using a legitimate reason.

Yes, move on.

A Rare Look Into the Finances of Elon Musk’s Secretive SpaceX

Thought he doesn’t need a house?

Why are billionaires so cheap?

I am pro free speech, so long is inlined with my worldview.

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Nothing is free. Even free speech has a price… it’s called responsibility. You are responsible for your actions and your speech. Trump is about find out what that means. Musk has lost billions for shooting off his mouth…he obviously doesn’t care … but his stock holders should…