Amazing Elon


In a recent interview, Elon said the Boring Company currently is merchandise-funded (flame throwers, etc.)

People though he was joking, but then he might be not. That’s Elon.


Please hate me :+1: So I can hate you too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There goes one less starving artist…


Tesla below $300. Yet oil prices skyrocketing. Maybe this is why


Ok, Elon, sure. hand me that Kool-Aid… i’ll drink the whole pitcher… Come on!!!


Elon is selling Tesla to the Saudis


Not the surfboards???



Elon couldn’t sell TSLA to Apple, now want to take it private


Musk would sell his own mother to the devil. The guy is unhinged


That’s not a result I would have predicted. Bad for me because I would need to find some other company to invest my money in.


I hope this news is real, because otherwise he’s just being a lunatic.


Reduce your margin :slight_smile: someone high up is helping you to control risk.


He is a lunatic. The difference between genius and crazy is very little. He believes in taking incredible risks. It is a problem when you use other people’s money. Less so if he goes private


Um… that’s something you should say to @manch, not me…


That is true!!! Geniuses are lunatics… :rofl:


Musk is the Trump of Silicon Valley.


He’s worse than Trump. The latter actually does what he says.


Depends on what he said 9 in the morning vs 3 in the afternoon.