Amazing Elon

Rich men have all the young good looking chicks, very jealous. All these chicks love his brain, not his money.

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What? He thinks market would only recover in 2025? Is Elon still running TSLA?

Elon saves tons of money in marketing and advertising. You have to accept the bad together with the good :relieved: If no Elon tweets, marketing and ad expenses would eat TSLA SPACEX alive. AND no jobs for you.

Elon Musk made his money off of government subsidies and liberal bullshit about global warming. It must gall them that he is a Republican.

They/them drives me nuts. Those are PLURAL pronouns. At this point, I just avoid pronouns and use names.

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Yeah, these are the people leading the charge on climate science research. We should 100% trust everything they say and never question any of it.

This almost makes me feel sorry for Elon , who obviously hasn’t enough time for parenting