Amazon: Can You Feel It



Turn on the sound.

Lame. Using an old classic to boost sales, no creativity whatsoever.

South Park gets an Amazon fulfillment center

Email me instead. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Anna Kournikova and some creep. :scream:

Isn’t that Dr. Evil? You calling your idol a creep? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am fair and objective. I call creeps by their proper name. :smile:

Long article on how rival 3rd party sellers use devious schemes to destroy each other, and a cottage industry of consultants and even lawyers helping sellers navigate the dark world of Amazon bureaucracy.

Big tech has too much power. Amazon itself monopolizes over half of online retail. We can’t just let Amazon police its own marketplace.

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Is not resemble, is identical right from the start. Bezos intuitively feel he no longer need to hide.

Story of a 57-year-old ex-writer for the SI, who is 57 years old, delivering packages for Amazon in the East Bay. Kinda sad, kinda not.

I tried to become a Flex contractor for Amazon (delivering packages in personal vehicle as 1099) but they are not adding people right now…



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