Amazon HQ2



It’s settled. Oakland is it!!!


It’d be sad to see Bezos settling for 2nd rate places like Austin…


Honestly, just like Uber, the Golden State Warriors and me, we are leaving Oak Town. The vibe is gone…

Ok, Mayor Lee, time to make up for that lost Lucas museum. Moscone Center just expanded nicely for huge conventions too. Bring Amazon to Mission Bay!!!

Wow, a Sunset home is gonna be 3M soon!!!:grin:


C’mon! Uber leaving Oakland is because Uber self-destroyed. I am rooting for Oakland! See, Bezos can even have his own freaking stadium!


Does Jeff like or hate Elon Musk? Fremont would be killer with both Tesla and Amazon presence…



Bunch of losers…


Ok, time to formulate a game plan to win Amazon for the Fab 7x7…

Ok, his adopted daughter is from China… we got this!!!:slight_smile:


I am glad Jeff is bald now…


I’m curious what it means for Seattle RE. A huge portion of the recent job growth has been Amazon and Boeing. If Amazon is near topping out in Seattle headcount, does that mean RE prices level off? I think the appreciation would at least slow down. I may need to re-think buying 15-20 miles out and getting land. That investment thesis requires continued job growth leading to higher density use of land. It might be better to be closer.


Look, move back in time for our Summit…


I think tech giants are looking to alternatives to SFBA and Seattle.
Ain’t AMZN looking for a place where they can find many demand fulfillment and AI guys?



A Houston spokesperson: “Houston is definitely interested in the Amazon HQ project and will look into the process of formally soliciting it. Houston is the most diverse city in the nation, has always been a business-friendly environment, is the home of the number one US port for exports and has a proven history of cutting edge advances at places such as the Texas Medical Center and the NASA Manned Space Center as well as all across the energy industry. Recently Amazon began hiring 2,500 local workers for a distribution center here.”

Sacramento, Calif.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg: “Our city and region are putting real energy into intentionally building and growing an innovative and well connected ecosystem unlike anywhere else in the country. We are about people, and we are pulling together our best and brightest from across the region to work together on a competitive plan for Amazon and are confident in the unique assets and abilities our region has to offer.”


OMG, both places suck!!! Present day Houston is in water and Sac Town does not have mass transportation nor an international airport.

Win his daughter…win Amazon HQ2!!!:slight_smile:


Texas is famous for it’s ease of doing business. There’s no business or personal state income tax. It’ll be interesting what cities offer up.


Austin is not interested? Damn… need to examine Boston, Cinn and Philly… where to buy?


Amazon has 382k employees and Walmart has 1M.

What kind of positions will be at the second headquarter? I am not sure how many of the 382k employees are technical positions. I suspect Jeff is looking for low cost region and huge tax benefit. Texas or Florida could be in play. Bay Area and CA will almost certainly lose out. But BA can still have many engineers work for Amazon. CA’s tax would
make it unattractive for HQ relocations

Boeing did not move any tech positions to Chicago. Chicago economy did not suddenly change due to Boeing’s move.

Cost control would be super important for Amazon. Moving to CA could probably bankrupt Amazon. I’m wondering whether Whole Food HQ could become the 2nd HQ


I say Texas. Bay Area is too expensive and “crowded.”


Methink2. Is what Marcus said is the most likely in earlier post. May be AMZN and Austin are negotiating the deal, Jeff is probably hyping to gain political points. No need for wishful thinking, SFBA is definitely out.

After reading the article and noted WFM HQ is in downtown Austin, AMZN has not decided where to build, just asking for proposals. Downtown Austin is not suitable :slight_smile:


I think Amazon is eyeing Walmart as the major competitor. CA will bankrupt Amazon when it goes to compete against Walmart.

Also Amazon may need to be less tech and more physical in the future.