Amazon HQ2

I am sure we can suggest some choice Bay Area locations for you…

I was wondering if that was public. Cities will be fighting each other for that.

No doubt cities will be laying out the red carpet for Bezos but there is a criteria mentioned that will eliminate a lot of places.

Fremont! Fremont! Fremont!

(Damn, Fremont doesn’t have 1M folks…)

It could be your San Jose, @manch

Bezos is looking for major tax subsidies. I am not sure San Jose plays that game particularly well. Chicago seems to be super excited though. Maybe Bezos likes bad weather so Chicago could be it… They stole Boeing from Seattle years ago, remember?

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If he wants tech influence it has to be somewhere around here. Would you go to Chicago?

How about the North American metro with the biggest population? Yes, you guessed it. It is… Mexico City. :laughing:

I suppose it makes sense to have coverage in some other part of the US (as opposed to having both HQs in the West) but the West is the Best right???

I would love for the Fab 7x7 to get it, but that is probably a pipe dream…

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San Jose or neighboring areas like Fremont makes the most sense of course. We have the tech talents, and it’s much easier to lure people from Facebook, Google and Apple if Amazon were local. But that’s only one angle out of many. That’s why they have the research lab here to begin with.

Probably won’t be in Cali. Maybe Texas… or NYC/Boston

I seriously doubt Fremont or SJ. Where would you put 50K employees + there’s extreme NIMBYism in the bay area. People are going to complain about even more traffic. Chicago isn’t business friendly. I think it’ll need to be a city with room to hold 50,000 in the actual city too. Bezos has adamant about keeping Amazon in Seattle. He thinks the energy of being in a city adds to the energy of the company. He won’t do a boring suburb campus.

My short list would be:

Austin (just bought WFM which is there)
Kansas City

They are all cheaper than Seattle. You can buy entire blocks of land for next to nothing in Detroit then get credit for revitalizing the whole city.


I know, he would get a lot of heat for bringing even more jobs and wealth to an area rich in both. But, there is a rationale to doing that right? If you want the tech community nearby and the human resource quality that is second to none, the Bay Area is prime for Amazon HQ 2.0!!!

Come on, Jeff, you know you want to be right next to the Golden State Warriors in Mission Bay!!!

Wow, I might even buy in Bayview…:grinning:

If Bezos wants urban he can have all of Oakland. Uber is selling its Oakland building.

:joy: Few days ago, Tim Cook said Austin is great. Now Amazon :grin:

Austin has the tech guys, UoT and plenty of land for commercial development. Now have to figure out which part of Austin. The suburbs are quite far apart and hard to commute to each other, so if Amazon chooses SW or East Austin, I won’t benefit since my houses are all in NW Austin.

People complain about Seattle home prices. I seriously doubt the bay area would win. Home prices are even worse. I think there’s a zero percent chance it’s in a city where housing is equal to or greater than Seattle.

The other thing for Texas is no state income tax the same as Washington.


I agree, the article says employees can choose to work from HQ2 if they choose to. I doubt people would be relocating to bay area.

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Agreed, somewhere like Texas would make sense. I wonder if Nevada will just throw everything but the apron kitchen sink (just like for Tesla).

Come on, the chicken wings are here, Jeff!!!

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“In a request for proposals from cities wooing the company, Amazon says it wants a site close to diverse housing options with access to mass transit and bike lanes. The request also says it wants its second headquarters to be within 30 miles of a population center and 45 minutes of an international airport.”

SFO is even closer than that, Jeff!!! And we got BART and Muni…oh, never mind. Did I mention we got bike lanes???

Jed making the case for Bay Area:


Where in Bay Area? How about Oakland?

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