Amazon HQ2



Does anyone really think that this only happens in Kansas? Here’s a list of things that happened against Sikh’s after 9/11. More than half the list is either NY or CA.


I don’t think so. Though it focussed on just one case, the article was shared in the context of the issues surrounding Bezos’ decision on where to locate HQ2. Like other tech companies, there are many considerations-- taxes, real estate, COL, community, hiring, etc…

But I think the last paragraph is important:
Yet despite the city’s resolve, there’s also an awareness of how Olathe’s future is being shaped by political, economic, and global forces it can’t always control. “There is hate,” says Menke, the police chief, “and our job is to reassure our community that it won’t change the way we live.” As he speaks, he glances at a television mounted on the wall of his office, tuned to cable-news coverage of a terrorist attack in London. “I wish we didn’t have so much conflict around the world. I wish we didn’t have such polarization in our country. But we do.” He pauses. “Would I have expected anything like this to happen in Olathe? No, I never would have. But we live in a fallen world, you know? Ultimately things like this happen, and this one landed here.”



Picking Boston would disappoint many Amazon employees with families hoping for a more suburban location like Austin, Texas, that offers affordable housing options beyond apartments and condominiums, said Brittain Ladd, a supply chain consultant who used to work for the company and still knows a lot of people there.
Even though some Amazon executives favor Boston, the search means the company can consider other locations and tax deals if the Massachusetts city doesn’t offer favorable conditions, the person said.

Austin vs Boston.
Tax, tax, tax.
Doubt Austin would give a good tax deal, so is over to Boston.

Which city is desperate enough to give a near zero corporate tax forever?



Eventually we citizens/residents will pay for it… via “some” tax somewhere.


I just got a junk mail today… someone asked me to sign petition for Philly to become the next Amazon HQ of all places… :rofl:


I think Houston, Austin, or Pittsburgh


Where in Boston is there enough vacant land or vacant commercial space? Boston is higher cost of living then Seattle which employees already complain about.


Austin doesn’t have an international airport. Amazon has operations in all continents. Just today I read an article saying Amazon is giving china another push. India is must win for bezos. Does Austin have direct flights to India and china?


Former NFL stadium sites would be pretty idea. Most of them have ample highway access and public transportation access if a city has it. They are usually pretty close to airports too. The list would include: Oakland, St Louis, Pontiac (Detroit), San Diego, DC, Houston, and I’m sure a few others.


The optics of Amazon going around asking for tax subsidies is not good. Sure, Amazon can and should ask for breaks in zoning and local regulations. But Amazon is not paying a whole lot of taxes as is because its profits are so tiny. Pretty soon politicians will wise up to the fact that Amazon is putting millions out of work. It will become an irresistible target. Trump already made a couple swipes and it resonates with people.


Which city on your list doesn’t need tax but only jobs?
AFAIK, Austin doesn’t need jobs, it needs $$$ to build its transportation infrastructure.
Since Texas has no state income tax, tax would mean taking from corporate :slight_smile: Increasing property tax is hard.

This is the point which stop me from investing in AMZN. AMZN is not helping the economy at all, putting many businesses out and people out of jobs.


Isn’t that the classic definition of a disruptor? Ok now I seriously need to consider investing in Amazon :rofl:


Most states have income taxes. Those 50,000 people making $100K+/yr are going to pay a lot of income taxes. New office buildings are going to generate a lot of property taxes compared to whatever is on the land today. People are losing minimum wage retail jobs, and Amazon is replacing them with warehouse jobs that start at $18/hr plus full benefits. How many retail employees get to be full-time with benefits? It’s actually better for employees. They get paid more and get benefits. Plus, the warehouses are in lower cost of living areas vs. low paying retail jobs in expensive places to live.


I don’t have issue with Amazon putting Macy and Walmart out of business. That’s progress even with high short term human cost. I am saying the optics is bad. If bezos is wise he should go easy on the tax subsidies.

Let’s say Macy shuts down a store in San Francisco. How’s a lady who used to work at the cosmetics department getingt a job from Amazon? Assuming she even wants to work in a warehouse which is not that pleasant TBH. And Macy pays a lot of local taxes. Plus I can’t imagine the long term goal of Amazon is not to automate its fulfillment centers. Didn’t they buy an industrial robot company?


How’s someone working at the Macy’s cosmetic counter going to afford living in SF anyway? That’s the whole point of all the debate about gentrification.


I think the end goal of capitalism and technological innovation is to automate everything with robots and put everyone out of work. Don’t fret!!! Who wants a stinking job anyway when one can just enjoy life without having to lift a finger. Say hello to utopia! :wink:


In that utopia we landlords will also be bankrupt. Robots don’t need a house to live.


Rent control.


That’s fine… I’m very noble, selfless, and can sacrifice in the name of progress… :rofl: