Amazon Mulls Move Into Real Estate, Zillow Tanks

I’d agree if they weren’t dominant at creating their own content. The old model of simply licensing other people’s comctemt is easy to copy. I do think there’ll be some consoldation in the space through.

I can’t decide if I should dump TWTR and go with SQ. I think I’ll stick with the status quo… If it turned out to be a bad decision, it wouldn’t be my first :slight_smile:

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I think I’ll stick with the status quo…

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Right on!!! This time the Chinese proverb meshed well :slight_smile:

Get rid of yelp and bidu. Buy and tencent.

  1. Will not trade yelp and bidu for tencent for the same reason I described above (will not trade small cap for large cap)

  2. I don’t know anything about Will look into it.

You don’t know about milk tea girl?

Um… are you talking about this?

I don’t follow Chinese grapevines like that at all…

That’s how conspiracies start, you know that :smile:

There is a lot of jack ma worship. But JD actually eats into alibaba’s market share. People often compare Alibaba with Amazon but alibaba’s business model is more like eBay than Amazon. JD is more like Amazon IMO. It’s actually building huge fulfillment centers and investing in its own logistics. And like Amazon it has zero profits.

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I think there is truth to that, however I believe the visionary is more important than the business model. One should invest in the visionary. If bezos were to run eBay back in 2000 and Meg Whitman to run Amazon, things could’ve been very different for these 2 companies today. I know Jack Ma. But I’m not sure who the visionary behind Jd is, whether he is the same caliber.

Another case study: do you remember fisker? I don’t either. It had the same business model as Tesla, back in 2010. The difference between them was the visionary of the company.