AMBA Bombed. Anyone Buying?

Good results not so good forecast.
Price declined by more than 10%.
Shorted 5 puts.
Waiting for price to stabilize to short another 5.

AMBA is the right stock to buy now.Last week reviewed AMBA, finally decided not to look at AMBA any further.No hope from that.

Who are the customers of AMBA? I am still mostly downbeat on hardware companies, even with the recent resurgence of GPU companies. Using GPU to do AI compute is a hack. Google’s TPU shows chips designed for AI specifically have magnitudes better performance.

SMH keeps making new ATHs.

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You mean “VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF”? Just reviewed, excellent run.

Top holdings are Taiwan Semiconductor , Intel, Nvdia, Qcom,Amat and Broadcom.

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How many bought BABA?

Just verified, holding one BABA share at Robinhood ! Hooraaaay !!!

I did not buy except holding a retirement Mutual fund RERGX and HACAX, both holds BABA.

Mr @wuqijun is a fan of $BABA.

I’m a hoarder of BABA!!! hooray!!!

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