American Use of Online Platforms

This recent Pew survey is very interesting:

  • 46% of women use Pinterest but only 16% of men do, a 30% gap. No other online platforms have gaps that large.

  • “Young people don’t use Facebook anymore” is simply not true. 70% of people aged 18-29 use Facebook. Interestingly more women use Facebook than men, 77% vs 61%, a 16% gap.

  • Lots more young people use Instagram. Ditto for Snapchat and TikTok.

  • Only 13% of people use Nextdoor? I expected more.

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DH is always a downer about FB - its become a utility for moms, and replaces the community that we don’t have in our modern world - similar to when housewives use to do chores outside their front door and share gossip/news/information, that is FB for women now. It is critical utility for me, and how I hear about toys/activities for my kids and get my questions answered since I work FT and don’t have time for social gatherings of the housewives in our neighborhood. I am not sure about stock price but FB is now a utility like google.

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I use Facebook but only for the most esoteric of things. MeWe and Signal get some mention in my neck of the woods - more so than most of the names on that list.

This forum is anonymous. You can speak freely. FB is a quagmire. Free speech does not exist on FB. Nextdoor is even worse. Gossip and lies. The sharing generation has become the censorship generation.

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Reddit really owning that 18-35 male demographic!