Amzn stock--is it bubblicious

So Amazon broke 1300 this week. I’ve generally been bullish on Amazon, and pretty pleased with doubling my dollars on this, but wondering if it’s getting bubblicious.

What do people think? Sell and wait for a dip? Or hold?


Or sell when you have a better investment, like buying a house :rofl:

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Um… I was going to give you some advice but considering what has just transpired in the other thread I think it’s best not to… :roll_eyes:

I pointed to the bullish pattern back when it broke $850. If you look at a 2-year chart, it’s actually been a steady rise with plenty of consolidation along the way. Bubbles go parabolic. It’s probably due for some more sideways action to consolidate though.


None of my stocks have gone parabolic yet. The only thing that has gone parabolic so far are cryptocurrencies.

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I’m always wondering when my investment would go parabolic so that I can sell and buy the next one :joy:

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It’s not easy to sell something that has gone parabolic. Because that’s the time when most people actually want to buy, not sell.


You can sell half. Actually I have sold 100% of KODK, might be a little early.

If I were trying to free up the initial investment I would do that–and have before with AAPL.

In this case, I’m debating about the “sell all at 1300 and get back in at 1100” kind of move.

So I was curious if that was anyone else’s sense–that it would drop before it keeps going up.

Oh come now. Let’s leave fights in their individual threads :slight_smile:

I value your advice here.

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If you are just trying to get 200 extra gain, is it in a retirement account? If not, tax would take that away.

You can sell out of money calls every month or every week, may get more than that.

But I do think that we are at the late stage of the bull market. That’s why I plan to spend more time on stock speculation. In the late stage, more stocks go up super fast, good opportunity to trade. I’m hoping to find a source to highlight hot stocks that doubles in a few days, I know risk is higher.

Ok well I think I have already given them with my previous responses to the thread nonetheless… :rofl:

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That’s a really good point. No–regular account that I play with… I could sell something else, though, to offset the gain right?

Though i bought two shares for my son–that’s a college account… Bought at 985… That’d be $600 in profit (if I can’t get back in)

I’m wondering about this too.

Do you think the market will drop or flatline?

That’s a billion dollar question, I can’t answer that. I would make 100M a year if I know the answer. However, my guess is that stocks don’t flatline at the very peak, they drop a lot. But I hear some people say that the coming recession will be shallow and almost like a correction. But even in a correction, stock can drop quite a bit. The key question is what you’ll buy after selling.

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So, assuming that SFBay RE prices continue to track stock prices, the next thing I’d buy would be a house. Which would say to me that I should sell to capture the earnings, and sell one of the stocks that went down to offset the gains. Is that reasonable?

Another option is selling the loser and keep the winner. Amazon seems on the right track, I have some Amzn and I am not selling.

If your Amzn holding is so big that it can be a downpayment, you may need to think hard on that

I own AMZN as well. I don’t have plan to sell. I view AMZN as the most likely company to surpass AAPL’s market cap.


I like Amzn better since its service has much better chance to be relevant for a very long time. It can become a good dividend stock after some years of growth. Not sure how much it can further appreciate, but not worried about the company’s prospect. In fact, I rarely check Amzn price or chart, just keep it as a worry free stock

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That makes the two of us.

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