Another crazy San Francisco law bites the dust

Yesterday a federal appeals court ruled that the law San Francisco made telling soda producers and retailers they had to warn consumers that using their products is unconstitutional. The weiner man (state senator scott wiener) said “The fight is not over. These drinks are not safe, as with cigarettes, we have an obligation to warn people of their health risks.” Really, comparing a soda to cigarettes. This guy is looney tunes!


Yeah, soda is the real health risk not all the used drug needles and fecal material on the streets.


I don’t like soda drink. They can charge a $10 tax per bottle in addition to 5 cents they charge now, as long as they repeal property tax.

This way, low income people will be healthier and healthcare cost may go down.

Is it true that low income people are the main consumers of the soda drink?

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They are the main consumers of cigarettes too…

Nothing like forcing everyone else to pay the bill to ensure people keep making poor decisions.

The BOS love passing laws that have no benefit yet shirk their responsibility to solve the housing shortage and homelessness


Soda’s pretty bad for you. Does your immune system in.

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Maybe but I don’t want the government telling me how to live. Most politicians have the intelligence of a cocker spaniel


I thought it was just a warning label. Is it any different than Prop 65 warnings?

Do Prop 65 warns have any useful effect? Gasoline causes cancer…does anyone drive less or just ignore the pump warning stickers…The nanny state run amok.

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Yeah, I learned that there is lead in balsamic vinegar and also in flexible cables so you shouldn’t let your kids suck on them.

The Prop 65 warnings would be more useful if they had to specify why they were there.

In real estate transactions we have dozens of pages of warnings crap…Does it make anyone smarter or safer?..Just cannon fodder for lawyers…

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I actually like reading it all. Maybe because I’m a prepper and I like to know the worst case :slight_smile:

I actually makes the lay person less informed…Baffle them with bullshit…hard to know whats really important…I actually knew JCP…James Pendergast…The father of bullshit NDS disclosures…He retired to Maine years ago…Started as a soils engineer…Another bullshit business …his soils reports were all identical…

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Too many pages of disclosures in RE can make it easy to miss important information. Sometimes some people just give up on the 200 pages of disclosures and blindly sign it.

If your house has a major disclosure, you can make the disclosure 1000 pages so that nobody will read it :rofl:

Sadly that’s the lawmaker’s strategy. Make the law 100 million pages so that nobody can understand in order for the government to be able to arrest people randomly and always find an excuse from the 100 million pages of contradictory laws.

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