Another High End Haircut - Sign Of Things To Come?

Will this kind of price shaving start impacting the middle and gasp the lower end???

That’s ultra high end. I don’t think that has any bearing on what normal people do. Expensive status symbols have fallen out of favor. People want to appear frugal. Politically, there’s so much hatred towards the 1%. That has to be the top 0.01%. Who wants to advertise that when there’s so much hatred?

Ultra High end may have peaked last May/April 2015 when the Shanghai peaked…and the Silicon Valley stock index peaked.

SF and PA ultra high end peaking now, Condos in SF early next year…Fortress RBA city shfs mid range…next year?..more tied to salaries than stocks…exburbs…next two years…raisng min wage and high BA rents driving their prices up…